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Example of a judge's correction

 Well here are the example of a Judge's correction for the speaker - Contoh Teks respond Juri kepada peserta lomba


Here is an example of a judge's correction for a speech contestant:

"Congratulations on your speech. You had a strong opening and a clear thesis statement, but I noticed that you spoke too quickly at times, which made it difficult for the audience to follow your argument. I recommend practicing your pacing and taking a moment to pause between key points. Additionally, the transitions between your main points could be smoother. You might consider using transitional phrases to link your ideas together. Lastly, you might consider adding more evidence to support your claims, it will give more strength to your argumentation.

Overall, good job, keep up the work! "

Note that this is just one example and the actual feedback will vary based on what the judge saw. Also it's important to notice that the judge's feedback is giving an opportunity for the speaker to improve, not necessarily pointing out what is wrong but suggesting ways to make it better.

Here's another example:

"You had a great stage presence and used gestures effectively to emphasize your points, but your diction could use some improvement. Some words were not pronounced clearly and that made it hard for the audience to understand your message. I recommend working on your pronunciation and diction before your next speech.

Also, the ending of your speech felt rushed and abrupt. You might consider spending more time on your conclusion and giving the audience something memorable to take away from the speech. It could be a quote or a powerful final statement that leaves a lasting impact on the audience.

Overall, you have a lot of potential and with some fine-tuning, you can deliver an even more engaging speech next time."

As you can see, the feedback is specific and constructive, highlighting the strengths of the speaker while also providing suggestions for improvement. It's also important to remember that the feedback is not necessarily criticizing the speaker, but rather providing guidance for future performance, so the feedback should be given in a supportive and positive manner.

Here is another example:

"You had a well-structured speech and your research was evident in the arguments presented, but I felt like you didn't connect well with the audience. Your eye contact was not consistent and at times you seemed to be looking at your notes instead of the audience. Additionally, your tone of voice felt monotone and unemotional. I recommend working on making more connection with your audience by practicing your eye contact and putting more emphasis on the key points of your speech. Using vocal variety in your tone of voice will help you to convey the message more effectively.

Overall, you have a great understanding of the topic and your research is solid, but with a little work on delivery you will be able to captivate your audience and deliver a more impactful speech."

As you can see, in this example, the judge is providing feedback on the delivery of the speech, specifically how the speaker connected with the audience. Giving attention to the delivery is just as important as the content of the speech, as it can greatly affect how the audience receives and understands the message. This feedback also gives specific and actionable guidance to the speaker on how to improve their performance in the future.

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