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Preposition Pengertian dan Penjelasan Lengkap

 Well hello learners di kesempatan kali ini kita akan membahas lebih dalam mengenai Preposition, apa itu preposition,jenis-jenis preposition, contoh dari Preposition, serta latihan soal mengenai preposition dengan lengkap


( kata depan )


1 ) Apa Itu Preposition .?

 Preposition adalah kata yang di letakan sebelum kata benda,kata ganti,noun phrase dan gerund.

2) jenis-jenis Preposition 

A. Berdasarkan jumlah kata.

  • Simple Preposition 
 Simple Preposition adalah Preposisi yang terdiri dari satu kata seperti  

Across,about,at,behind,by,beside,for,in,inside etc..

contoh: The event is about graduation day
                He is behind the door
                Inside the box, there is a big ball
                They are standing at the corner

  • Complex Preposition 
Complex Preposition adalah Preposisi yang terdiri dari 2 kata atau lebih seperti

According to, due to, thanks to, because of, ahead of, as well as, in addition to, in front of, with respect to, on behalf of, as a result of, in the event of, on the point of, etc...

contoh: According to Indonesia has a lot of cultures and traditional food
               I can't come today because of a fever
               They are in front of your gate
               Profits have declined as a result of the recent drop in sales

B. Berdasarkan keterkaitan dengan kata lain

  • Free Preposition =  Preposisi yang tidak terikat dengan kata lainya

a. Preposition of time 

Preposition of time adalah ( kata depan yang menunjukan waktu ) seperti
At, in, on, for, since, from, until, during, before, after, by , etc..

contoh: I will go to your home at 07.00 pm
               They have to come back on Wednesday
               The lawyer will be here before having lunch
               My father will sell his luxury car by the end of august

b. Preposition of place

Preposition of place Adalah ( kata depan yang menunjukan tempat ) seperti
At, in, on,, behind, beside, in front, into, up, under, above, into, below, between, etc...

contoh: My book is on the table
              She is at the corner
              My dad stands beside my mom
              Fill in the text below!

c. Preposition of manner 

 Preposition of manner adalah  kata depan yang menunjukan bagaimana suatu kegiatan di lakukan seperti
By, with, on, in etc..
contoh : He will die by the gun
              She comes here with me
              I go to Singapore on foot
              She left him in tears

  • Bound Preposition: Preposisi yang terikat satu sama lain nya ( Verb, noun dan adjective )

a. Verb + Preposition

- Apply for    = He has applied for the job
- Look into    = I will try to look into the problems
- Look after  = She looks after her grandma twice a week
- Rely on       = You can't rely on me, I'm a little bit busy this day
- Look for      = I'm looking for my mom 
- Search for   = What are you searching for
- Depend on  = The final decision depends on the manager
- etc

b. Noun + Preposition

- Difference between = The difference between village and city is quite clear
- Answer to      = Has she answer to the message
- Example of    = Here is the example of  narrative text
- Invitation to  = Did you get an invitation to doni's home.?
- Need for         = There task is needed for the requirement tomorrow
- Reason for     = What is the reason for not coming.?
- Difficulty in   = I have difficulty in math
- etc.

c. Preposition + Noun

- For example = I like sweety fruit, for example, banana, apple, and grape
- On foot          = She comes here on foot
- In time          = He never attends in time
- On FB             = You can update the news on FB
- By pleasure  = By pleasure, you can join us 
- At home        = She spends her holiday only at home
- By mistake   = I put salt in your milk by mistake

d. Adjective + Preposition

- Excited about    = I'm really excited about the hot news
- Worried about   = She is worried about her mom
- Good at              = You are not good at English
- Bad at                 = Doni is bad at Physics
- Tired of              = I'm tired of waiting
- Bored with        = I'm bored with the new teacher
- Similar to         = He is similar to my brother
- Proud of             = I'm proud of you




1 ) The stranger is standing ( …………. ) the door ( di belakang )

2 ) My pencil case is  ( …………. ) my bookshelf ( di dalam )

3 ) The purse is ( …………. ) the box and the eraser ( di samping )

4 ) I have just found my term paper ( …………. ) the table ( di bawah )

5 ) My cousin sits ( …………. ) a lot of pupils ( di antara )

6 ) I was born ( …………. ) 2006 ( pada tahun )

7 ) My classmate went to his home town ( …………. ) July ( pada bulan )

8 ) He never attends ( …………. ) ( tepat waktu )

9 ) The luxury car parks ( …………. ) the corner of the hospital ( di )

10 ) The lawyer never believe ( …………. ) me ( prep )


Translate these sentences


1 ) saya lahir pada tanggal 2 november 1998


2 ) dia ( laki-laki ) melamar pekerjaan di perusahaan Amazon


3 ) jawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan di bawah ini


4 ) apakah pertanyaan-pertanyaan di atas sulit?


5 ) percayalah pada diri sendiri.

Nah gi mana learners apakah sudah paham apa itu preposition dan jenis-jenis preposition .? semoga pelajaran kali ini bermanfaat bagi kita semua sampai jumpa di pelajaran selanjut nya.

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