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Definition of Advertisement

 Well hello, learners this occasion we would learn about Advertisement. what advertisement is, the purpose of advertisement, kind of advertisement, characteristic of advertisement, generic structure of advertisement, and the example of advertisement, you can read the article below.



1) What is Advertisement?

  Advertisement is a text that has a purpose to announce a product to attract the readers and to make the product to be more popular among the general public through communication or  writing with the user of the product or service,
  The advertisement that is paid by the owner of the product, intended to inform or influence the readers to buy or use his product.

  Advertisement always exists even though people may not be aware of it, nowadays, Advertisement uses social media or newspaper to send its message to the reader, such as television, newspaper, magazine, radio, Fb, Ig, and etc..

2) The purpose of Advertisement 

Here are some purposes of advertisement

  • To attract the readers or listener to buy or use that product that has been offered in the advertisement
  • To announce or advertise  a product to the readers or society
  • Make the communicants aware and provide the information about the product it can be things, stuff, services, idea and etc...
  • To make comfortable the readers about the product that advertised by giving preference 
  • To convince the communicant about the truth of the product, in order that the readers can believe about the product and use the product without hesitation
  • The readers will able to know about the information on the product, start from the cost, features, specification, function and etc....

3) Kind of Advertisement

Based on the media that used for, Advertisement can be classified as follows
  • Typed Advertisement
   Typed Advertisement is a kind of advertisement published through print media, such as newspaper , magazine and etc. 
  • Advertorial advertisement
Advertorial advertisement is a kind of advertisement that conveyed like news
  • Display Advertisement 
Display Advertisement is a kind of Advertisement that displayed into large image and text
  • Electronic Advertisement 
 Electronic Advertisement is a kind of advertisement that published through electronic media, such as Television, Radio, Internet and etc. 

4) Characteristic of Advertisement 

  • The selection word that used highlights important points
  • The selection word that used has a purpose
  • The selection word that used Attractive, logical, real, and polite
  • The selection word that used has a suggestion 

5) Generic Structure Advertisement

  • Purpose = What is the purpose of the advertisement
  • Name of product = About the name and brand, what the product is, service, or the way to sell the product.
  • User = Who will use the product

6) The example of an advertisement

Advertisement text


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That's all about Advertisement that we have learned may it be useful for us,, see you next time.

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