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Short Message Definition and Example

 Well hello, learners on this occasion we are going to learn about SHORT MESSAGE, what short message is, what are kinds of short message, and the example of short message.


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1 ) What is short message?

short message is a way of indirect communication conveyed in writing using short, concise, and clear language.

From the definition above we have known that there are 2 important points in order a group of words can be said as "a short message" namely "Indirect and written", even though when we speak with other people using short message but we do it in front of the listener directly and verbally that can not be said as " Short message, the main point short message is kind of message that conveyed in writing indirectly and the message must be short, and the maximum word of  short message consist of 160 characters of word can't be more, so when you write a message that contains more than 160 characters of word it is not a short message but that is a letter

2) Kind and the example of short message 

To Dimas 
good luck with your new project, love you!


  • Sms ( short message service )

"You have to pick me up soon".

To Tom
Happy Graduation day Tom, hope you will be useful person in the world 

Regard Aunty

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Now you have known what short message is and the example of it hopefully it is useful for you and see you in the next lesson.


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