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The Impact of Western Culture to Young Generation

The Impact of Western Culture to Young Generation

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   Nowadays Indonesia is surprised by the new sensation of youth's habits it can be known from their custom, tradition, language, appearance, and their daily lifestyle. The daily lifestyle that they often call it " modern trend " we don't know exactly their habits from their own mind or not, but several of them because of the impact of western culture which is coming to Indonesia.
  The influence of western culture has almost spread in all of Indonesia region, Not only to the young people who are inclined to the glamor life in the big city but also to the young people who are far from crowded from the village. Of course, we can't blame their habits change, because commonly young people just want to express their style by cheating their idol, even they have to spend much money to do it.
  Talking about the impact of Western culture can be divided by two namely, Positive and Negative effects.

  • The positive effect of western culture

  A. To make it easier in communicating between Countries 

We have known that several Indonesian students also study some languages such as Arabic, English, Dutch, Japan etc.. they like more using English to be the second language in their daily life. it is good because we have known well that English is an international language which is used by many people in this world and it will be easier for those to communicate with other people from abroad


B. Bringing Forth Cultural Progress

We are as an Indonesian we have to make our culture famous among other countries, Culture exchange can make local culture a new icon for foreigners and open up opportunities for local culture to be studied and recognized as international culture.

C. Increasing Youth Creativity and Innovation

The foreign that has entered in Indonesia has a good impact on adolescent, one of the good impacts is to increase creativity and innovation in various fields.
Moreover, Teenagers have the opportunity to practice and given a forum as a medium for channeling innovative creative ideas, besides being useful, they can also open up opportunities to work when they are old enough.

D. Cultural Exchanges 

Cultural Exchanges gives youth opportunities to advance, teenagers are able to provide advance thoughts and attitudes as well as develop for adolescent, Youth becomes wiser and also responsible, so they are not easily deceived by other countries, Cultural advancement also influences technological advances that make teenagers more innovative.

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E. Teens Are Getting Smarter and Thinking Critically

Not only having creative and innovative attitudes, teenagers are also able to think critically do to the impact of incoming foreign culture, everything that they don't know, or don't fit with the origin culture they will find out the truth of it. Teens will know a lot and have new experiences about things that they don't know before.
Regardless of the culture brought by foreigners, it is wise to filter it before it is displayed, so will be more aware of the impact.


  • The Negative effect of western culture

A. Lossing of Local Cultural Values in Youth

One example of the negative impact of foreign culture is The Loss of Local Cultural Values in Youth 
The teenager will lose their own habit such as respecting parents and greeting to the older people, Therefore, if it is not fortified with a high commitment attitude, this negative impact will affect the youth quickly can be destructive

B. Decreasing the sense of nationalism

The bad habit of using western culture can erode the sense of pride in the nation's own products. For example, teenagers who like products made in other countries compared to products from their own country, teenagers usually feel proud of buying food or stuff from other countries than from their own countries

C. Decreasing moral and religious values

It usually happens on the internet, or television some people get addicts of porn video, drugs, etc.. because they like watching negative content on the internet.

We are as the young generation we must able to filter which is the good and the bad one from the western culture so our original culture will not lose, Let's keep our good morality wherever and whenever we are.

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