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Descriptive teks contoh definition and example

   Well hello learners on this occasion we would learn deeply about Descriptive Text, start from the Definition, Generic structure, and the Example of it

    Descriptive Text

       Descriptive Text

1 ) Definition of Descriptive Text

 Descriptive Text is one type of text in English that clearly describes the properties attached to something, it can be humans, animals, plants, or inanimate objects. The purpose of this text is to provide clear information about the object being described to the reader.

2 ) The Characteristic of Descriptive Text

  • Using the Simple Present Tense

 This text uses the Simple Present Tense because we will describe the facts attached to an object, and one of the functions of the Simple Present Tense itself is to show a fact or truth.
Probably you want to describe your favorite things, you can use the sentence:
Parjo and Dona have a beloved pet his name is Boni, his feather is orange, and he is a cat

  • Using many adjectives. 

Because the function of this text is to provide information by describing an object that is described, in Descriptive Text, there will be many adjectives, Examples big, small, colorful, huge, large, square, etc.

  • Using relating verb.

Relating verbs are verbs that provide an explanation to the noun that is the subject of a sentence.
 For example, Are, is,  have, has, seem, and appear

3 ) Generic Structure of Descriptive Text

  • Identification

 In this section, is in the first paragraph, the purpose is to identify an object that you want to describe. Identification usually used to introduce to the readers the object that will be explained before we tell in more detail about the object in the next paragraph.

  • Description

 This section, located in the second paragraph and so on, contains the qualities inherent in something that you introduced to the reader in the first paragraph.

4 ) The examples of descriptive text

My Beloved House

 I have a house located on the slopes of a mountain and close to the rice field. My house is right in front of the road to the mountain. On the left side of my house, there is a large mosque that is usually used for Eid al-Adha prayers. In front of my house, there is a yard that is quite wide and usually used for playing for children around the house.

 The color of my house is light green and the gates are dark green. My door is also dark green. My house is not too big but it is enough to accommodate 10 people because there are 2 floors that can be occupied.

 On the 2nd floor, the front walls are orange. While on the windows, the frame and door are red. From afar, my house is very striking because of the combination of these two colors.

  At the front, there is a terrace where you can sit back and relax with your family. If you enter the front door, you will go straight to the living room, and on the left, there is a restroom, and a television is provided. Usually, this is where our family center gathers.

In the restroom, there is a door to enter the living room. The living room is quite spacious and there is a set of dining tables and chairs that we usually use to eat together, in this room, there is also an aquarium.

 My Favorite Pet

 Her name is Kenzi, she is my favorite cat. I found Kenzi near a market. Kenzi has beautiful fur and the color is orange with white stripes. Soft fur covers all her body from head to tail.

All feathers are orange and gray on the feet. While the tail is white and very cute. Her mustache is long enough, it is about 25 cm.

Kenzi has a short leg than the usual cat's paw. Her nose is medium and her mustache is quite long. Her body weight is about 5 kg. Her eyes are blue-white and very adorable when she is surprised while opening her eyes wide.

Kenzi prefers to sleep all day on her basket. When sleeping, Kenzi prefers to stroke his body When stroking her body, she plays its tail up and down.

Kenzi spends more of her time sleeping. she only wakes up when she feels hungry. When getting hungry she will go to the dining room to get her food

When hungry she will continue to meow until she gets her food. she would make a sad face when she was not fed. This cat is very cute and loved by our family.

My Favorite Football

  I have a favorite ball. It is an origin ball from England. My uncle Jo gave it to me last month when he returned from work in Paris. I was very glad. I put it on my stuff shelf next to my computer. Sometimes I use it to exercise with my mates. Cause I wanna become a football player. My Favorite Football is very big, and the color is gray. It is about 1 kg. When I put it on my basket it will occupy half of it. It is almost as big as my basketball. It is made of a typical kind of rubber and the brand is Nike, the price is about 1 million rupiahs.

My Red Bag

  Well okay, now I would like to tell you about my Red bag. This is a kind of school bag and it has 4 pockets on it, 2 pockets on the left and right side usually I put my Tupperware on the right side and snacks on the left side. when I wanna have a meal I usually take my snack directly on it. and in the front pockets, I usually use it for my books and any kinds of stuff school such as pencil, pen, marker, and calculator. this bag was given by grandma 2 years ago the price is about 60 thousand rupiahs. I really love this bag it has many advantages such as water-resistant, flexible to use, has a hiding pocket, and has a huge space, so I definitely can bring any various things on it.

My New Laptop

The next thing is my new laptop. it is a kind of luxury laptop the brand is Asus Rog GL this is my favorite laptop for gaming. the display is about 15.6 inches full HD and the processor is intel core i7, the memory  8GB DDR4, the operating system is windows 10 home Webcam: 720P HD Web Camera and the weight is about 2.6 kg. the price is quite expensive that is around 15.800.000 thousand rupiah. I bought it when I was in Singapore on my birthday. this gift was given by my beloved mom

Vocabularies Test!

  • slope
  • close
  • market
  •  in front of
  • left side
  • large 
  • yard
  • around
  • gate
  • accommodate
  • terrace
  •  relax
  • enter 
  • straight
  • living room
  • restroom
  • provide

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