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Report Text Definition and Example

Report Text 

Report Text

 Well hello, learners on this occasion we would learn about Report Text, What report Text is, The Characteristic, The Generic Structure, and The Example of it.

1 ) Definition of Report Text

Report Text is a type of text in English that describes the details of an object. Details in this text are scientific details which include the description of objects, both physical and non-physical, from scientific facts about the object.

Report Text is included in the Descriptive Text which has the purpose of providing information to readers about the object of this text itself. Although Report Text and Description Text are almost the same, they are actually two different texts. Report Text tends to lead to scientific factual text and is more general than Description Text so that there is no subjective opinion from the author.

2 ) Characteristics of Report Text

  • Contains scientific facts
  • The title text looks more general
  • Using the Simple Present Tense
  • General Classification

3 ) Generic Structure of Report Text

  • General Classification

This section contains general statements that describe the object description of this Report Text.

  • Description

This section usually provides a description of the phenomenon or situation that occurs, both its parts, nature, habits, or behavior. In essence, this section describes the classification presented scientifically. However, the thing to remember is that Report Text is not a news text, but scientific factual text.

4 ) The example of Report text

  Online games

  Online games are a type of computer game that utilizes the internet network. This type of game can be accessed by game lovers directly from the company's system via the internet network on computers, laptops, tablets, or cellphones. In addition, online games can be played together with other game players (players/gamers) and communicate directly between fellow players in the same game. Examples of online games that are currently most in demand include Mobile Legend, Free Fire, PUBG, etc.

 The emergence of online games as technological development in this modern era certainly needs to be addressed with various positive and negative points of view according to its users. As a human being who accepts change, there need to be limitations on the extent of the negative impact it causes.

  • Negative & positive impact of online games on teenagers

One of the negative impacts caused by online games, namely: Causing an addictive effect, isolating people from the life around them, making people lazy,  health disorders, causing psychological problems if you think too much, lacking sleep, etc.

  • While the positive impacts are 

 Having more Friends, Reducing stress, Practicing patience, and agility.

  Roy is one of the few people who have a hobby of playing games, he said that "not all games have a negative impact, so it depends on each individual. And it is necessary to know that anything excessive is not good". Meanwhile, M. Firmansyah has a different opinion, he is someone who can be said to be anti-game. He said that "a lot of game users say that the game can refresh the brain, but if I think it's the opposite, so playing games can make the brain tired, especially online games that can be said to be on the rise in this era. addiction and drain brain energy for the user ".

 So the main point, online games have many impacts on our lives, both positive and negative impacts, although it can be said that it depends on the user. Approximately playing online games will bring more positive impacts as long as it is done in a reasonable stage (knowing the limit when to stop). To avoid all the negative effects you have to play games at a normal level.

That's all that I can share for today hopefully it will be useful if there is a question you can give your comment below, and see you soon.

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