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Jumble sentence definition and example

Well hello learners on this occasion we would learn about JUMBLE SENTENCE deeply start from the definition, exercise, and how to answer the sentence well

Jumble sentence

Jumble sentence

1 ) Definition of Jumble sentence

  Jumbled Sentences are material "writing skills" or writing skills that train students to compose random sentences into paragraphs or coherent text, which can be descriptive text, report, procedure, recount, and narrative. Each text has its own characteristics as written in the summary. the material in previous chapters, therefore students must be observant in observing these characteristics.

2 ) How to fix jumble sentence

There are several tricks that can be taken into consideration in composing a sentence into a text

 Descriptive Text:  Begins with a sentence that points to an object to be explained. and Followed by a sentence that describes the object, coherently.

 Report Text:  Begins with a sentence that provides an overview of a subject. and Followed by a sentence that describes the subject coherently

 Procedure Text:  Begins with the sentence "AIM" or "GOAL", can be a title or a prologue. For example: How to create a new folder / Here are the steps to create a new folder.  Look for connective words (conjunctions) "first, second, third, fourth" in sequence, or "then, after that, before, the next, when, while" according to sentence alignment.  The word "finally, the last" is usually in the last sentence, unless there is a closing sentence, such as It is great, isn't it? / Do you want to try? / I'm sure that the taste is delicious, etc., then the closing sentence occupies the end of the paragraph. 

Text recount:  Begins with a definite time statement, for example, last week, one day, yesterday, on May, 6th July 2008, etc. The next sentence is events, look for a sentence that tells the event coherently.  Usually, the text ends with a conclusion, for example, The accident was very terrible!

Narrative Text: Begins with a time statement: Once upon a time, a few years ago, a long time ago, etc.  Followed by a sentence in the form of the contents coherently according to the story. The last sentence is the conclusion or opinion of the author, which can be the advice or opinion of the author about the story.

3 ) Jumble sentence exercise

  • it's pitch black outside and you have been lost for hours
  • Imagine you are in your room and it's about 1.00 in the morning
  • you are just about to run around and open your window for some fresh air
  • you are dying of thirst and you are drenched with sweat
  • there is nothing good on the radio

  • suicide has increased tremendously over the past couple of decades among adolescent
  • suicide is an act where one intentionally ends his/her own life 
  • weather if it is the result of coming from a broken home
  • this could be the result of the many stresses that young people have to deal with in their life
  • with alcoholic parents, or stresses of just being a young adult. 

  • All schools are essentially trying to do the same thing 
  • which is to realize each child potential
  • the maintained system tends to ask a pupil what they are comfortable achieving
  • but there is sometimes defining difference between the independent and the maintained sector

Jumble words

1 ) The definition of jumble words

What is meant by jumble words? The material is usually found in junior high school English books. Words that are arranged randomly are called jumble words. If arranged correctly, these words will form a complete sentence, both positive sentences, negative sentences, and interrogative sentences. 

2 ) The example of Jumble words

a ) anticipate - i - having - good - a - on - time - vocation
I anticipate having a good time on vocation 

b ) hearing - them - from - appreciated - i
I appreciated hearing from them

c ) avoided - he - my - answering - question
he avoided answering my question

d ) finally - i - writing - completed - my -paper - term
I finally completed writing my term paper 

e ) confessed - he - several - doing - crimes - to
he confessed to doing several crimes

3 ) exercise of jumble words

1 ) going - consider - i - with - you
2 ) to - arizona - retiring - contemplated - have -i 
3 ) defered - we - going - our
4 ) for - school - he - delayed - leaving
5 ) commiting - crime - she - denied - the
6 ) working - detest - i
7 ) discussed - they - opening - business - new
8 ) his - taking - drugs - who - encouraged
9 ) visiting - enjoyed - we - them
10 ) entails - it - to city - another - moving
11 ) drowning - he - narrowly - escaped
12 ) paying - taxes - subterfuge - by - evade -they
13 ) you - disturbing - my - please - excuse
14 ) meeting - you - fancy - i - here
15 ) will - i - forget - never - tomb - napoleon's
16 ) gave - i - up - smoking - was - when - i - man - young
17 ) it - worrying - about - i - help - can't 
18 ) to - going - the - party - invitation - without - an - can't - imagine - i
19 ) would - involve - deal - great - a - travelling - that - assignment
20 ) cheating - exam - on - nothing - justifies - an

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