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The Interesting Facts about Japan


The Interesting Facts about Japan

The Land of the Rising Sun is the country most visited by tourists, from tourist attractions to the fact that Japan is also a holiday destination. It is proven that many travelers from Indonesia who love the charms of the land of Sakura are tracing things that smell of anime or culinary are very tempting.

Before going on a trip to Japan, it is better if you know interesting facts about this country first because there are many differences between Japanese and other countries' cultures. Maybe for most other countries, it looks strange but not for Japanese people. Check out the explanation of 10 famously unique Japanese facts below:

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1. Unique Eating Habits

The first Japanese fact is about manners when eating at the dinner table. It is considered very unique because it is very different from Indonesian society. The table manners that are carried out are:

Eat-in a bowl and lift it up to the mouth. If eating does not do the same, it is considered by Japanese society to be rude and like a dog.

When placing chopsticks upright on a bowl filled with rice, Japanese people assume that the food is dedicated to people who have died.

Slurping the broth until it sounds slurp is a compliment to a very good dish.

To eat sushi, which is one of the true Japanese foods, is to dip it in the sauce on the part made of rice first.

2. Melons are priced fantastic

The Japanese Muskmelon melon is a melon that is fairly expensive. How could I not, one melon is priced at 10,000 Yen or about more than one million rupiah. Melons are usually given to people who are considered important. And these melons only grow in certain areas. Wow, it's very interesting, right?


3. Unique Escalator User

It is a tradition of Japanese society when going up the escalator to stand on the left. It aims to provide opportunities for people who are in a hurry and can use the right side of the escalator. In this country, there are many general rules that are not written but all the people are very obedient and disciplined with these rules. Indeed, a very interesting Japanese fact.


4. The Rules for Wearing Footwear in Japan

In our country, the habit of removing footwear is only done when going into a house or room that must be kept clean. However, after being in the house, they usually do not wear footwear. This habit is common. However, in Japan, they will take off their shoes when they want to enter the house and arrange the shoes neatly on the shoe rack.

After that, to enter the house wearing footwear called Heyabaki or Surippa. Heyabaki is a type of footwear with soft and usually hairy materials for use in the home. It's just that for certain rooms with a height of 1-2 inches Heyabaki must be removed. What a unique rule!

5. Has the largest fish market in the world

It turns out that Japan has the largest fish market in the world. To be precise in Tsukiji, Tokyo. Every day buyers will find nearly 2000 tons of marine products to sell. The unique Japanese fact of this market is that there is a tuna auction site which is very rich in essential substances. In this market, once a bluefin tuna could sell for around 1.62 billion rupiahs. What a fantastic price!

fish market

6. Train with Super Fast Speed

This country is very developed, especially in its transportation sector. It can even be said to be one of the most developed countries in the world. The transportation that is often used is train. This is because in order to avoid traffic jams. Trains in Japan that have super-fast speeds are called the Shinkansen. Usually used to go to almost all regions in Japan. Why is this train called a super fast train? Because it has a speed of up to 603 km/hour.

Apart from having a fast speed, it turns out that this train is also famous for being very punctual. The time difference from the predetermined departure schedule is only a matter of seconds. Wow, so cool! For additional information, you can also use the Suica IC Card for easy transportation in Japan serving land travel by JR East trains, subway lines, and even buses.

7. Queuing Culture for Japanese Society

Japan is also very well known for its outstanding disciplinary culture. When you are in the country you will find almost all public service places, all Japanese people will line up very orderly. They think breaking the queue is a very embarrassing behavior. Even without a queue line to organize them, they can organize themselves so that they still look orderly and neat. The culture that we deserve to be an example. How could I not, a reflection of the extraordinary morals of a nation.

8. Japanese people are also economical

Although the income per capita is very high, it does not make Japanese people consumptive. They always prioritize a thrifty culture in an ordinary lifestyle. One of the interesting Japanese facts is that most of them will visit supermarkets before closing because supermarkets will give discounts at that time. This turned out to prove that Japanese people like to live frugally.

9. Japanese people are known to be friendly

When you visit shops in Japan, you are familiar with the Irasshaimase greeting! The meaning is welcome. Japan is also famous for its hospitality, they always nod their heads and smile. There is a unique habit here, that is, they use both hands to give something to another person as a sign of respect. This habit can only be found when you visit Japan.

10. Vending Machines You Can Find Easily

An interesting Japanese fact is that you can find vending machines everywhere. Almost every corner of Japan has a variety of drinks available in a vending machine. It can even contain comic books and toys you can find there. Unfortunately for a variety of snacks and sweets, you will be difficult to find at a vending machine. No wonder the technology industry in Japan is so advanced, huh? If you have more interest in Japanese technology you can visit Odaiba Joypolis which will give you a pleasant experience entering the world of technology.

Vending Machines

So that's a unique fact that you can find while in Japan. Increasingly interested in visiting?

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