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Recount Text Definition and Example

  Well hello learners on this occasion we would continue our lesson today, that's about RECOUNT TEXT, do you ever hear about Recount text? or perhaps you ever read it. so today we will discuss it, starting from, The definition, Generic structure, and The example of it.

Recount Text

1 ) Definition of Recount Text

  Recount text is a type of text in English that tells about an action, a story, an experience, or an activity. Usually, recount text tells about someone's experience. The purpose of Recount Text is to provide information or to entertain readers so that there is no conflict in the story.

2 ) The Characteristic of Recount Text

  • Using Past Tense sentences (past), such as went, departed, would, woke up, and so on.
  • Using adverbs and adverbial phrases to express time, place, and way, such as last September, Pari Island, on the second day, and so on.
  • Using conjunctions and time connectives to sort events or events, such as: and, before, then, after that, and so on

3 ) Generic Structure of Recount Text

  •  Orientation

Tells about the background information about who, where, when the incident or event occurred.

  • Events

Tells a series of events that occurred in chronological order.

  •  Re-orientation

Is the closing or conclusion of the story. To end a story, we can also give our opinion about the story related.

4 ) The Example of Recount Text

My Unforgettable Experience

    On the 5th of January 2012, I have a terrible experience, all it happened when i and my family planned to have a holiday at Puncak Bogor, I never imagined that the accident suddenly happened to us.

    At the time we were on the way to go to Puncak in my father ancient car when we were on the way the weather was cloudy and drizzling, my mom said that "We had to postpone our plane today cause the weather was not good enough" but I complained it, I said loudly "No! we had to go now, cause it had been a long time I never had a holiday with my family, I forced my beloved mom and dad to comply my wish while crying.
   And finally, my father complied my wish, we decide to continue our plan to have fun at Puncak it towards 3 pm, when we were on the way, in the middle of the journey we got traffic jamp, our car stuck couldn't work properly so did other cars, and suddenly the heavy rain came, I saw my left side the hill was slowly falling down, all people got panic at the time, my father asked us to go out of the car, and we tried to look for a safe place, But before we reached the place my sister stumbled and fell down, my father said that "Ran" without thinking twice I and my mother ran quickly to the edge of the road, and my father tried to carry out my sister slowly, but before they reached the edge of the road, the landslide crashed them quickly they couldn't do anything,  I couldn't see their face clearly, at the moment I and my mom were confused we didn't know what we had to do.

  Tears and sadness covered the whole of the day, I couldn't see my father's and my sister's smile anymore. after several hours passed, the rescue team came to the location while carrying an ambulance and first aid, I and my mom were carried out to the closest hospital, and the next day I heard that my sister and my father had passed away, I was mad about the news, I know that all of it happened because of my ego, I wasted my time for 3 months on my room and I became an introvert person, and now I really missed my father and my sister smile I really regretted with my wish, I should hear my parents advice.

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