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The Impact Of Technology On Society

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  The Impact Of  Technology 

The Impact Of  Technology

  Most of us have known what technology is, moreover in this era Technology really helps us to be more practical to do our daily work such as Interviewing, Creating an app, Teaching, Making video, Editing, etc .. but nowadays not only an adult can access the Technology but also teenager and children can access it easily and freely they only need a device and connection they can surf in the whole of the web freely.
  But one thing you should know that the impact of Technology can be worst for those who don't use it wisely. so on this occasion, we will talk over the positive and negative impact of technology.

      A. The positive impact of Technology

1 ) The first is to accelerate the information.

 Most of us must have electronic devices such as phone or laptop, through the devices we can economize our time to finish our assignment, we can surf freely from one device to other devices. and we also know that there are a lot of apps that apply any kind of features such as video call, chatbox, private massage, video stream, etc, through the apps we can search for any kind of information that needed, we can economize our time day by day,  only one click the information that needed has been served in the web.

2 ) Social Media 

 The existing of social media really needed in this modern era comparing a long time ago when we want to send a message or any kind of information we have to go to the post office to send an email and it is worst that we have to wait for the replying of the message in several days, but now we only need one second to send the email or reply the email through the apps

 Media Sosial

3 ) For an entertainment media 

 When you are getting bored or have a bad mood perhaps through the Technology it can make you feel better and better, there are a lot of entertainment apps that you can search through the internet such as game, movie, story or even talk show,  all you need are device and connection of internet.

4 ) For education 

 Nowadays every single subject matter in the school and any kind of information that related to it can be obtained through the internet, it can be more effective and helpful to the student or teacher to complete the assignment.

   Buku Catatan

5 ) For online business

 Who doesn't know shopee , tokopedia , bukalapak, and any kind of online market place? through the internet we can buy or sell various things, we can also make our own shop through the apps just stay at home and click. The stuff that we want to buy or sell will be processed online. it is really practical and helpful so we don't need to spend a lot of our time to go outside.

       B. The negative impact of Technology

1 ) lazy to socialize 

  The existence of Technology can make us become lazier to socialize, everyone tends to prefer chatting than talking in person, moreover, the existence of popular apps such as Instagram, what's up, line facebook, etc, sometimes we ignore our friends only because of chatting or playing games, this negative impact is really dangerous cause can make us become an individualistic person.

2 ) The raising of fraud 

 Many countries and cities are affected by fraud cases. it happens in many fields such as online shops, online courses, or online businesses. most of us used to shop or study online and some people must have experienced it,  that's why we have to be more careful of the online shop or everything related to online that are not yet trusted.


3 ) There are a lot of negative content

 In this era, everyone can access the internet freely without any supervision. there are a lot of cases that related to negative content, such as, bullying, and fake news or hoax.  we are as a parent, brother or friend must always remind our family or our friend to be wise of the use of the internet.

4 ) The decreasing of learning Achievement

 Many students are affected by games, we all know that something that excessive is not good .sometimes we forgot our obligation to pray, study, or help our parents only because of the game. we have to use our time wisely don't waste our time just for playing video games.



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   That's all the positive and negative impact of technology on how we use it and the impact of it depends on us how we face it.

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