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Interesting Facts About Thailand

  Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia that is quite popular among backpackers. The low-cost living has made many of the world's backpackers flock to Thailand. Apart from the affordable cost of living, Thailand is also known for its enchanting natural beauty.


Interesting Facts About Thailand

1 ) The most Buddhist Population

More than 90 percent of the population in Thailand is Buddhist. So it's not surprising that many temples are found in the White Elephant Country.
The best of all things considered: There are at least 35 thousand temples scattered throughout the city. like Wat Rong Khun the white temple in Chiang Rai and Wat Yannawa, a boat-shaped temple on the banks of the Chao Phraya River.

2 ) Have a Festival that Invites Monkeys

Thailand has an unusual festival namely, The Monkey Buffet Festival. This festival invites more than 600 monkeys to eat various types of food, The dishes are neatly arranged in front of the Pra Prang Sam Yot temple in Lopburi province. This event is also an annual event held every 25th November, The best of all things considered: Initially, the Monkey Buffet Festival was first held in 1989 with the aim of increasing tourism in the local area, And now, many tourists flock to witness the event directly

3 ) Has a King who Leads the Country for 70 Years

Another Unique thing is Thailand has a king with the longest reign in the world. He is King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who had led from 9 June 1946 to 13 October 2016.
  Bhumibol is highly respected by Thais as the nation's father. in fact, many Thai people equate it with Buddha.
  Therefore, when Bhumibol died Thai people were very sad and devastated, and they mourned for an entire year.

4 ) The Royal family is Super Sensitive

Every country has rules regarding freedom of speech. In Indonesia, we can be freer, including even teasing the president, In other countries, the rules are different for Example Thailand, which turns out to be very strict about freedom of speech. one of them is the prohibition to talk about the royal family. For everyone who does this, the culprit will be severely punished. The reason is he is considered the shame as insulting. The context of discussing this royal family is broad. Not only through writing, like status that insults the kingdom, it includes insult and will be subject to punishment.

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