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The impact of Global Warming



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  Perhaps we ask ourselves why the climate is not regulated nicely, natural disaster and natural phenomena increasingly happen. the day is getting hotter and hotter, flood, soil erosion, an outpouring of natural gas and indefinite rainfall from year to year, we have to realize that our planet is getting damaged .the scientists often call it global warming. so what is global warming? 
 Global warming is an average temperature rising of the earth's surface. we of course still remember in 1997 in the united state many people were killed because the rising temperature reached 48oC and in 2003 exactly in south Europe also had ever been attacked by hot weave that caused 35.000 dead and many others, why can it happen?
  An organization of the united nations, " international panel on climate change ( IPCC ) " finds that some kind of gas of glasshouse is the main source of global warming. And the man is the greatest contributor to create it. most of the gas of glasshouse is resulted from the burning of fossil materials of transportation, fabric industry, and source of electrical powder should the world be over?

Here are the impacts of global warming

  • Forest Fires
A high-temperature rise can trigger forest fires. This will cause the forest will become deforested and the smoke produced will pollute the water, soil, and air. In addition, The smoke produced can also harm health.
  • Melting Pole Ice
Rising temperatures in the air and in the sea will make the ice at the Earth's poles melt. The melting of the ice will increase the volume of the seawater.
  • Occurrence Of Disease
The occurrence of Disease due to the increase in temperature due to global warming, the immune system of living things will decrease so that they are susceptible to various diseases, And these diseases will become a plague that is really worrying.
  • The Increasing of Smog
Global warming will increase the temperature's on the Earth's surface, And it will trigger drought and trigger forest fires. This will cause smog is very dangerous for health even death.
  • The Crisis Of The Clean water
Due to Global Warming, Water sources in the ground will evaporate. In addition, these water sources will also be polluted so that, Th Crisis of Clean Water can not be avoided
  • The Rising Of Seawater
The rising of Seawater is caused by melting ice at the Earth's poles. Over time this will cause flooding in the surrounding area. In fact, it can sink a small island.
  • The Increasing Of Seawater Temperature
The occurrence of global warming is marked by an increase in the temperature at the Earth's surface, including in the sea. This can make the living things that live in it die, resulting in an imbalance of the ecosystem
  • The Coral Reef Will Get Damaged
Global Warming will make the temperature and acidity of seawater. both of these things will cause the coral reefs to experience bleaching and over time they will be damaged, even lost. Damage to coral reefs will make a marine ecosystem unbalanced and marine flora and fauna will die. 

  The world hasn't been over yet, let's keep our planet as well as possible. let's restrain this earth in order to be safe, global warming is a threatening, but we can prevent it. according to scientists, there are four ways to prevent global warming such as 

  •  Limiting carbon dioxide emission
  •  planting more trees 
  •  recycling and reusing
  •  use alternative transportation to decrease carbon dioxide emission 

   The climate change can we carry to be better by doing not by speaking. like the word wise says " it's easy to say but it's difficult to do ", we have to believe that together we can do anything

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Vocabulary Test !!

  • climate                                 glasshouse
  • regulated                             fabric
  • outpouring                          restrain
  • indefinite                             threatening
  • rainfall                                  prevent
  • realize                                   according to
  • average                                 scientist
  • rising                                     limiting
  • surface                                   planing 
  • exactly                                   recycling
  • attacked                                alternative
  • greatest                                 wise 
  • reached                                 believe

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