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Short Drama Script Example

Example of Short Drama script


Title: "The Lesson"


  • Sarah, a high school student
  • Mr. Johnson, Sarah's math teacher
  • Sarah's mother, Karen

Act 1:

(Scene opens in a classroom. Sarah is sitting at her desk, looking bored and disinterested. Mr. Johnson is at the front of the room, writing on the board. The bell rings and the students start to come into the room.)

Mr. Johnson: Good morning, class. Please take your seats and we'll begin.

(Sarah slumps in her seat and pulls out her phone.)

Mr. Johnson: (noticing Sarah) Sarah, please put away your phone. We have a lot to cover today.

Sarah: (sighing) Fine.

(Mr. Johnson starts to teach the lesson, but Sarah is clearly not paying attention. She starts to text on her phone under her desk.)

Mr. Johnson: (noticing Sarah again) Sarah, please put your phone away. You're not going to learn anything if you're not paying attention.

Sarah: (rolling her eyes) I know, I know.

(The lesson continues, but Sarah is still not paying attention. The bell rings and the students start to leave.)

Mr. Johnson: (stopping Sarah as she starts to leave) Sarah, can I talk to you for a moment?

Sarah: (sighing) Sure, what's up?

Mr. Johnson: I noticed that you weren't paying attention during the lesson today. Is everything okay?

Sarah: (shrugging) I don't know, I just don't see the point of all this math.

Mr. Johnson: The point of math is to help you understand the world around you and to help you problem solve. It's a valuable skill to have in life.

Sarah: (skeptically) I guess so.

Mr. Johnson: I'd like to help you understand the material better. How about we work together after school?

Sarah: (hesitantly) Sure, I guess.

Act 2:

(Scene opens in Sarah's living room. Sarah is sitting at the kitchen table, working on math problems with Mr. Johnson. Karen, Sarah's mother, walks in.)

Karen: Hi, sweetie. How was school?

Sarah: (smiling) It was good. Mr. Johnson is helping me with math.

Karen: (surprised) Really? I didn't know you were struggling with math.

Sarah: (shrugging) I wasn't, but I didn't see the point of it. But now I understand how important it is.

Karen: (smiling) I'm glad to hear that. Education is so important. It opens so many doors for you.

Sarah: (nodding) Yeah, I know. I'm really grateful for Mr. Johnson's help.

(The scene ends with Sarah and Mr. Johnson continuing to work on math problems together.)

The End

Title: "The True Test of Friendship"


  • Sarah
  • Tom
  • Mike

Scene 1: Sarah and Tom are sitting in the park talking about their plans for the weekend.

Sarah: "Tom, do you have any plans for the weekend?"

Tom: "Not really, I was thinking about taking it easy and just relaxing at home."

Sarah: "That sounds great! I have a better idea though. Why don't we go on a camping trip with Mike?"

Tom: "That sounds like fun. Let's ask Mike and see if he's interested."

Scene 2: The three friends are at the camping site setting up their tents.

Mike: "Hey guys, I forgot my camping stove at home. Can I borrow one of yours?"

Tom: "Of course, I have an extra one here. You can use it."

Sarah: "Thanks Tom, you're always so helpful."

Scene 3: The next day, while they're hiking, Tom sprains his ankle.

Sarah: "Tom, are you okay? Can you walk?"

Tom: "No, I think I sprained my ankle. I can't walk."

Mike: "Don't worry, I'll go back to the campsite and get the car. We'll take you to the hospital."

Scene 4: At the hospital, Tom is getting treated for his sprained ankle.

Sarah: "Thanks for taking care of Tom, Mike. You're a true friend."

Mike: "Of course, that's what friends are for. We stick together no matter what."

Tom: "I agree. You guys are the best friends a person could ask for. I'm lucky to have you both in my life."

Scene 5: The three friends are back at the camping site, sitting around the campfire.

Sarah: "Tom, you're always there for us, always willing to lend a hand. You're the definition of a true friend."

Tom: "Thanks, that means a lot coming from you guys. I feel the same way about you both."

Mike: "Friends are like family. They're there through thick and thin, and that's what makes friendship such a special bond."

Sarah, Tom, and Mike sit around the campfire, arm in arm, enjoying the warmth of their friendship.

Title: "The Price of Loyalty"


  • John
  • Mark
  • Rachel

Scene 1: John, Mark, and Rachel are sitting in a coffee shop talking about their future plans.

John: "I got accepted to a great university across the country. I'm thinking about moving there after graduation."

Mark: "That's great, John. I'm so proud of you."

Rachel: "Me too. But, I have to admit, I'm going to miss you a lot."

Scene 2: A few months later, John calls Mark and Rachel.

John: "Guys, I need your help. I got into some financial trouble and I don't know what to do."

Mark: "Don't worry, we're here for you. What do you need?"

Rachel: "Yes, just tell us what we can do to help."

Scene 3: John needs a loan to pay off his debts and Mark and Rachel offer to help.

Mark: "We'll help you out, John. We'll lend you the money you need."

Rachel: "Yeah, we'll do anything to help a friend in need."

Scene 4: A few months later, John gets a great job offer and decides to stay in the city where he went to university.

Mark: "That's great news, John. I'm happy for you."

Rachel: "Me too. It's a big opportunity for you."

Scene 5: A few weeks later, John calls Mark and Rachel and tells them that he can't repay the loan.

Mark: "What do you mean you can't repay the loan? We trusted you, John."

Rachel: "We did this for you, because we're your friends. How could you let us down like this?"

Scene 6: John realizes the mistake he made and feels guilty for not repaying the loan.

John: "I'm sorry, guys. I never meant to hurt you. I was just in a tough spot and I didn't know what to do."

Mark: "We understand that, but you still have to repay the loan. That's the right thing to do."

Rachel: "Yes, loyalty and trust are important in friendship. You have to make it right."

Scene 7: John works hard to repay the loan and regain the trust of his friends.

John: "Thank you for forgiving me, guys. I learned a valuable lesson about friendship and loyalty."

Mark: "We're here for you, John. That's what friends do."

Rachel: "Yes, we'll always be there for you, no matter what."

Scene 8: The three friends are sitting in the coffee shop, laughing and reminiscing about old times.

John: "Thanks for being my friends. I don't know what I'd do without you guys."

Mark: "We're always here for you, John. That's what friendship is all about."

Rachel: "Yes, we're in this together. No matter what."

Title: "A Friend in Need"


  • Sarah
  • Rachel
  • Tom

Scene 1: Sarah and Rachel are sitting in a park discussing their life plans.

Sarah: "I just got accepted into a great university across the country. I'm so excited to start this new chapter in my life."

Rachel: "That's amazing, Sarah. I'm so proud of you."

Scene 2: A few months later, Sarah calls Rachel in a panic.

Sarah: "Rachel, I need your help. I got into some financial trouble and I don't know what to do."

Rachel: "Don't worry, Sarah. I'll do anything to help you."

Scene 3: Rachel enlists the help of her friend Tom to help Sarah.

Tom: "I'll help you out, Sarah. I'll lend you the money you need."

Rachel: "Yes, we'll do anything to help a friend in need."

Scene 4: Sarah starts to feel the pressure of repaying the loan and her grades start to slip.

Sarah: "I don't know how I'm going to repay the loan and keep up with my studies."

Rachel: "Don't worry, Sarah. We'll help you find a solution."

Scene 5: Tom and Rachel come up with a plan to help Sarah balance her studies and her finances.

Tom: "We'll help you find a part-time job to help you pay off the loan."

Rachel: "And I'll help you study and get back on track with your grades."

Scene 6: Sarah starts to turn her life around with the help of her friends.

Sarah: "Thank you so much, guys. I don't know what I'd do without you."

Rachel: "We're here for you, Sarah. That's what friends do."

Tom: "Yes, we're

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