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Example of islamic poem


Islam's light forever shines

In lands where faith and heart entwine,

Islam's light forever shines.

A tapestry of beliefs so strong,

A melody of prayers in song.

From Kaaba's embrace to distant lands,

Devotees bow in faithful bands.

Five times a day, hearts align,

In reverent whispers, prayers combine.

The Quran's verses, a guiding stream,

An endless source of knowledge gleam.

Words that soothe, uplift, and guide,

In every era, side by side.

Ramadan's crescent moon ascends,

A time of discipline that amends.

Fasting's grace, a spiritual flight,

As hearts take refuge in the night.

Eid's festive joy, hearts full of cheer,

A celebration drawing near.

A unity of faith so grand,

A global Eid throughout the land.

Islam, a tapestry of hues,

Connecting souls with varied views.

A message of peace, love, and grace,

A path of kindness to embrace.

So let us learn and seek to find,

The beauty in this faith enshrined.

For Islam's essence, clear and bright,

Is love's embrace and truth's pure light.

Islam's message weaves a tale to tell.

In lands where ancient stories dwell,

Islam's message weaves a tale to tell.

A faith that blossoms, strong and pure,

A path of hope that will endure.

From deserts vast to bustling streets,

The call to prayer each heart greets.

Mosques adorned, minarets rise,

A sanctuary beneath the skies.

The Quran's verses, wisdom's sea,

A guide for hearts, for you and me.

A light to steer through life's vast sea,

Islam's teachings, a symphony.

Five pillars stand, a sturdy frame,

Faith, prayer, fasting, charity's aim.

And pilgrimage to sacred lands,

A journey with eternal sands.

Ramadan's crescent, a time of grace,

Fasting's embrace, a sacred space.

Eid's festive cheer, a joyful rhyme,

A celebration of faith sublime.

Islam's essence, love and care,

For every soul, a pledge to bear.

Compassion's call, a binding tie,

To uplift, support, and unify.

A tapestry of cultures wide,

Islam's teachings stand as a guide.

In every heart, a common thread,

To strive for good, wherever we tread.

So let us learn, let us explore,

The teachings of Islam's sacred lore.

A faith of beauty, peace, and grace,

Guiding us on life's endless chase.

Islam's teachings, a guiding light

In lands where sun meets sand and sky,

A faith blooms strong, reaching high.

Islam's teachings, a guiding light,

Illuminate hearts through day and night.

From Mecca's hush to prayers that soar,

Five times a day, souls implore.

Proclaiming faith, devotion's song,

A bond with Allah, pure and strong.

The Quran's verses, wisdom profound,

In sacred words, guidance is found.

A testament to love and peace,

Uniting hearts, all conflicts cease.

Ramadan's grace, a holy dance,

Fasting's embrace, a sacred trance.

Eid's joyous feast, a time to share,

For every soul, compassion's prayer.

Islam, a tapestry of cultures and lands,

A call to unity, a reaching of hands.

Tolerance and mercy pave the way,

As believers bow, and kneel, and pray.

With compassion's fire, hearts ignite,

To serve humanity, take up the fight.

For Islam's core is justice true,

To care for all, no matter who.

So let us honor this faith so bright,

Embrace its values, its guiding light.

In Islam's teachings, we find a key,

To love, to peace, to unity.

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