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Telling Experience in Learning English


  Well Hello, learners on this nice occasion I would like to share with you my experiences in learning English from "Zero to be Hero" that probably can motivate you in learning English, and this is based on my own experiences and my true story, So don't miss a single word to read this article okay hehe.


"The Power Of  Environment In Learning"

    Do you ever think that Learning English is Complicated? Do you ever think that there is no use to learning English? or Do you ever think that to be able to Speak English is impossible?
If you think so, perhaps this story can motivate you to change your mindset about English! 


   Okay, we start in 2016 when I was in senior high school at the time, one of the requirements to be able to graduate was Proficient in English whether Speaking, Writing, or Listening, it seems horrible for me that was like a nightmare for me, cause I was really bad at English and I hate both the lesson and also the teacher so much, I was really upset and frustrating, I didn't know how to improve my English skill effectively, and I didn't know what cause I couldn't able to learn English well, no one could trigger me to learn English efficiently even the English teacher or the environment, I had joined some English courses and spent my time to learn English more and more through watching a movie, listening to the music and also did some English exercises, but I hadn't got enough progress, and I couldn't pass English Final Examination well, yea I felt a little bit disappointed all I had done didn't give me a great result.

              "Struggle that you do today, is the single way to build a better future"


   After a couple months passed I tried to register as a new college student at UGM and the result was zonk actually I really wanted to join that favorite university. yea perhaps that was not my sustenance. I didn't know what my next plan was, full of confusion, indecision, and without certainty. But in my deepest heart, I felt that I would find the best for my future.

  And a few months later I got a wedding invitation from my niece, at the time I was jobless didn't have a job and any activity, yea I wasted my valuable time only on gaming and hanging out with my mates. My parents asked me to attend that invitation, and I decided to accept the invitation. at the end of 2016 on 7th December, I went to my niece's wedding party. My niece welcomed me well and we talked for hours she gave me great advice and also shared her experience when learning English at Kampung Inggris Pare. From her story, I got a lot of inspiration and motivation to relearn English efficiently. She suggested me to go to Kampung Inggris to explore my passion, whether it English or other passion since she knew that at Kampung Inggris we were not only studying English but also there are other passions and organization that could improve our soft and hard skill.

                           "One kind word can change someone's entire day"


     I was highly desirable to go to Kampung Inggris hopefully I would get what I wanted.
That was the first time I study independently, with no parents, and brothers on my side, I was a little bit afraid to do a new adaptation. I saw a lot of people spoke English fluently and happily whether at the dormitory, canteen and at every single space at Kampung Inggris, it seemed quite different from the environment in my hometown. and finally, I found the main factor to learn English effectively, yea that's right that is "Environment" even we have a great intention to study or a lot of money to support our study but if we don't have a supportive environment, I'm sure that it will not maximal to improve our English skill.

                             "You will never learn if you don't make a mistake"

                                 B.E.C PARE

 Day by day passed it seemed that time ran faster than I thought, Learning and laughing with new friends and environment, learning with very different methods made me felt comfortable and it didn't feel like the lessons that were given were absorbed so quickly, Slowly I tried to speak English with my friends without any embarrassment, I really enjoyed every word that came out from my friends, felt very cool and elegant, there was a special pride if we could speak English in public.

                               "Work hard if you don't have what you want"


 But a few months later I had financial problems, my parents could no longer afford to pay for my course, I felt a little hopeless and thought to stop my course and back to my hometown, I thought hard at that time, there was no cost to pay for rent, course fee even the cost of daily meals was very difficult. But at that time I insisted hard to continue my course, and I really grateful at that time there was still my friend asked me to teach him English with great enthusiasm, I taught him English and gratefully he had great progress, with the result of the teaching, I can continue my course fees for the next few months.

   And gratefully day by day passed I have great progress at English, I am able to speak English well, and also have been teaching in these several years in some institutions as an English teacher actually being an English teacher was not my expectation. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

   So the conclusion from my story is, learning something can be maximal when the environment also supports you, and if you wanna master something maximally try to love it first, I'm sure that when we have loved it, obviously it will be easier to master it.

    "You don't have to be great to start, But you have to start to be great"



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