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The Impact of Technology in Trading

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  The Impact of Technology in Trading



   Is technology really helpful in trading? I strongly agree with the opinion above, with the technology nowadays, the community is very helpful especially in terms of buying and selling

If we look at the many online stores in the world. Especially in Indonesia. The existing online shops are very diverse, ranging from online stores that specialize in fashion items, there are online stores that sell watches, and of course, there are also universal online stores that sell all types of goods. nowadays it is very easy to sell an item, we can use social media to promote the goods we sell,

Technology, something that can simplify our work. Not only makes our work become easier, but one of them makes it easier to get information and aspects of the trade. Regarding the ease of trading, there are many benefits of information technology in commerce. Trading is not only possible in the real world, but also trading online is possible.

I often use several applications such as Shopee and Tokopedia to buy an item where the price of the item is relatively cheap and I don't need to go out, I only need an internet connection and cellphone/laptop, and also I have a friend that sells any kind of shirt through the online market, he said that the income is bigger than he sells at his own store

 It can make it easier for ourselves and others in buying and selling transactions, and if we want to sell something the modal is not big enough because there is no need to specify a building to become a shop. In the developing trade, the trade division is very precise/effective, trading records can be made easier, payment transactions can be easier for buyers we can pay it through the bank or m-banking so it is very practice

I also have a bad experience on it, it was 25th of January 2018 I saw a commercial that sold a phone cheaper than other stores I ever saw, I strongly attracted at the commercial without thinking twice I ordered the phone and the seller asked me to send the money soon, after sending the money, I wish that the phone would be sent soon, but it was not, and I really regretted my decision, I lost about 2,5 million rupiah.

But besides it is helpful Technology has a positive and negative impact too especially in trading

The positive impact of technology in the trading

• Higher economic growth due to massive investment

• Increase the productivity of the world industry. Technological advances will increase industrial productivity from both industrial technology and production aspects

• Advertising facilities on certain sites will facilitate the promotion and marketing of a product


The negative impact of technology in the trading

• Easily conducting transactions on the internet will also facilitate transactions that are prohibited as smuggling transactions or drug transactions

• The sophistication of technology causes many cases of fraud in online commerce

• Breach of an institution or individual account that caused enormous financial losses

So in my opinion, Technology absolutely can transform the lives of customer and seller, depending on how we face it if we use it wisely it can bring positive impact but when we use it unwisely it can bring bad impact for us or even for our family


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