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The impacts of media coverage of celebrities

The impacts of media coverage of celebrities

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Well okay before talking over about this case firstly I would like to give some questions and statements as I experienced, in order to make it more clear.

For the first what are celebrities?

Do celebrities able to influence society?

How do celebrities influence society?

What is the connection between media Coverage and Celebrities?

And what are the impacts especially for children?

What should we do to avoid the negative impact of media coverage of celebrities?

Okay, now I'm trying to answer these several questions,

According to celebrity is someone who is famous because they are too close to the world of news (press).

According to the Big Indonesian Language Dictionary, 3rd Edition, a celebrity is defined as someone who is famous (usually about an artist). 

Every step of the way, celebrities never escape the spotlight of media coverage. There are some celebrities who become popular because of their achievements, there are also celebrities who are popular because of their life controversies. A successful career in sports and entertainment is also related to the status of celebrities, while political figures often become celebrities or vice versa, namely celebrities penetrate the world of politics. People can also become celebrities because the attention of media coverage is on a person's lifestyle, wealth, or controversial actions, or because of their relationship with someone who was previously famous. However, the meaning of celebrities is often integrated with the mention of the term artist, even though in essence the two have differences, so the conclusion is celebrities are not only about the artist but also singer, magician, author, film director, a political figure that often covered by media are also known well as celebrity

Interestingly celebrities also can influence society both children or adults, the media coverage of their daily life controversiessuccessful career, music, entertainment, lifestyle, or any cases that make them more famous such as corruption, fraud, criminal, etc. 


 They influence the society by telling or showing their experience, habit, act in daily life, on media, so the audience will notice it whether it is good or bad, it can motivate them to do positive things but it can also turn to the negative deed, we take one example the film that absolutely for age 18+ but when a child watch it they can probably follow it in their daily life. Like romance, war, or adventure films it can influence not only their character but also their habit, so they have to be told clearly about the film that appropriates with their portion as a child. and the role of media coverage is really important for society 

in this millennial era people, most spend their time on social media, start from working or learning, especially for our child or brother that still under age they need to be watched when they are watching some movie or news.

I have some tips for avoiding the negative impact of media coverage of celebrities.

1 ) Make More Socialization in Real Life

Actually, there is nothing wrong to spend our time on the internet or tv, but we have to divide our time properly like gathering with family, reading books, or doing positive deeds in society. cause when we have a problem or trouble people surround us will be the first person that can help us, so we have to use our time wisely.

2 ) Find Other Activities

If you feel addicted to social media, immediately look for other useful activities. The goal is to reduce the intensity of surfing in this virtual world. The busier you are spending time in other activities, the less time you will be fixated on social media.

What kinds of activities can you try? There are so many activities, you can turn your attention to sports or just hang out with your family or closest friends.

Not only that, but you can also try new fun hobbies or activities with friends. Remember, spending long hours online can make you rely on technology and less sociable.

3 ) Focus on the People Around

To overcome social media addiction, try to start with one simple thing. For example, focus on your friends or family when you are spending time together. In short, keep your smartphone tightly in your bag or other places. Remember, what they need is not just your presence, but also the positive energy you give them.

Just imagine, what would it be like to chat with someone who is busy watching social media on their gadget? that is quite annoying Therefore, if you don't want to be treated like that, try to respect the other person by focusing all your attention on him.

4 ) Use it Wisely

Using smartphones wisely can be an effective way to overcome social media addiction. When using it wisely, there are other benefits you can get from social media. Not only that, but you can also feel more comfortable when using social media intelligently. Remember, how social media impacts depends on how you use it.

For example, you don't really need to have all kinds of social media. Alternatively, you can really be active on social media which you often use. Because, the more social media you have, the more time you will spend in cyberspace.

5 ) Always Limit Their Use

This one thing can be the most powerful way to avoid addiction to social media. Try to limit the time you spend on social media each day. You can really use an alarm or a stopwatch to control social media use. When you are accustomed to limiting your time using social media, you can reduce your social media addiction.

yea perhaps only that I can share with you today the conclusion is media coverage of celebrities is not only having a negative effect on children but also it can be turned into a positive effect depending on how they use it as their portion.


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