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The benefits of rambutan

 Rarely realized, these are 7 benefits of rambutan for health and beauty

Have you ever consumed rambutan fruit? Yes, this fruit is easy to find in Indonesia because it only grows in tropical countries.

Rambutan is consumed by both men and women, as well as children and adults. Unfortunately, there are still people who eat rambutan fruit because they don't like the shape of the skin that has hair.

However, rambutan has a distinctive freshness. Apart from its fresh taste, rambutan is beneficial for health starting from the hair, skin, or other organs. This fruit comes from Southeast Asia with the name Nephelium Lappaceum train.

Not inferior to other types of fruit, rambutan is also rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. As summarized from Healthline, every 100 grams of rambutan pulp contains 1.3-2 grams of fiber. Fiber is certainly good for health, especially the digestive system.

If you pick or consume 5-6 rambutan fruits, you can meet about 50 percent of your daily vitamin C needs. Rambutan will also provide antioxidant compounds to prevent various diseases.

Here is a myriad of benefits for health to beauty. In fact, rambutan fruit is also able to overcome various diseases.


1. Maintain Heart Health

Rambutan is believed to be able to maintain heart health and healthy blood vessels because it contains high enough vitamin C. So that you will avoid heart disease due to damaged blood vessel walls.

Vitamin C plays a role in repairing the walls of blood vessels and reducing the risk of a heart attack.

2. Preventing Kidney Stone Disease

Rambutan is one of the fruits that can prevent kidney disease. This fruit contains minerals high enough to prevent clumps of mineral crystals called kidney stones. This fruit also contains phosphorus to filter toxins in the body.

3. Lose Weight

Rambutan is proven to be effective in losing weight because it contains high-value fiber. Rambutan will help reduce calories and improve digestion. Eating this fruit will also make you less hungry or thirsty.

4. Overcoming Diabetes

Rambutan is believed to be effective in overcoming diabetes. A study in China proves that the phenolic content of rambutan fruit can reduce blood glucose levels so that it can regulate blood sugar levels.

5. Strengthens Bones

Not inferior to milk, rambutan also contains ingredients that can nourish bones. Diligently consuming rambutan can strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis. Rambutan contains phosphorus which plays an important role in bone health.

Benefits of Rambutan for beauty


6. Beautify the skin

The nutrients in rambutan are beneficial for beauty, namely nourishing the skin. Rambutan contains vitamin C which can moisturize the skin and increase collagen. Besides being eaten directly, you can smooth the seeds as a skin mask.

7. Maintain the Health and Strength of Hair

The vitamin C in rambutan can also help nourish the scalp, thereby strengthening hair and preventing hair loss. The protein content of rambutan can also strengthen hair roots and improve hair quality.


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