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the benefits of snake fruit

Not only delicious, but these are also 10 benefits of Salak or usually known as a snake fruit for health

Unlike other fruits, snake fruit does have a slightly creepy shape. Not only does the skin texture resemble snake scales, but the tree also has delicate spiny leaves with spiny stems. Behind the creepy side, the malacca fruit has a unique taste, which is sweet, spicy, but crunchy when bitten. No wonder this fruit is very popular with almost everyone. Not only a matter of taste, this fruit that only grows on tropical lands also has many important ingredients that are beneficial to the body, such as iron, vitamin A, vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin C, and carbohydrates. Even so, it turns out that not many people know about the benefits of this one fruit. Well, for those of you who often consume it but don't know what the benefits are, here are ten health benefits of salak that you can get.


1. Helps you lose weight

Snacking on sweet foods while working can indeed reduce boredom and boredom. When hunger appears at the end of lunch or evening, sweet snacks are also often a hunger booster solution.

Unfortunately, this habit can make you gain weight without you knowing it. Before that happens, you can overcome it by replacing these snacks with foods that are healthier but still filling, for example, like salak fruit.

Not only is it crunchy and sweet, the high fiber content in this fruit is also ideal for overcoming hunger, so it's not only suitable for your snacking friends but also ideal as a diet companion.

2. Improve heart health

The heart is a vital organ. Many cases of death that arise because of this problem. Naturally, heart health must be maintained properly, whether it's regular exercise or maintaining a diet.

One way to maintain heart health is by controlling and maintaining blood pressure levels. This can be done by maintaining potassium intake in the body as a vasodilator.

One source of potassium you can get by eating this scaly fruit. With a decrease in blood pressure, the tension in the arteries also decreases. Automatically, the tension on the cardiovascular system also subsides.

3. Improve eye health

Not many people know that salak is also beneficial for eye health. Indeed, fruits that are known to be good for the eyes are generally brightly colored, such as carrots and tomatoes.

However, who would have thought, it turns out that salak fruit also has the same benefits. The beta carotene content in it is considered to be one of the antioxidants that have direct benefits for eye health and vision. This content is also able to reduce the risk of macular degeneration and help prevent cataracts due to age.

4. Acts as an antioxidant

Apart from the eyes, the beta carotene content in this fruit is also able to prevent several other diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, and cancer. In fact, the antioxidants in zalacca are powerful because they can work five times better than other sources of antioxidants, such as watermelon and mangoes.

5. Control blood sugar levels

Apart from the heart, blood sugar is also the cause of the high mortality rate in Indonesia. Apart from the high consumption of rice, the habit of consuming foods and drinks high in sugar is also one of the triggers.

To help control blood sugar levels, make sure you eat foods that contain pterostilbene. Apparently, you can get this content from the zalacca fruit, you know. Pterostilbene plays a good role in reducing glucose levels in the blood.

 6. As an antidiarrheal and treat indigestion

In the past, salak fruit is widely known by the public as an effective diarrhea medicine. Moreover, the nutrients and high fiber content of this fruit are also known to be effective in helping improve digestion efficiency.

Not only that, other health problems such as symptoms of constipation, bloating and cramps, abdominal pain, and irregular bowel movements can be overcome with this fruit.

7. As a source of iron

Iron deficiency can not only interfere with the growth of bones and teeth. On the one hand, the lack of this content can cause other health problems, even quite serious.

Lack of healthy red blood cells can occur due to low levels of iron in the body. This can lead to problems with iron deficiency anemia. If this problem occurs, you can eat salak fruit. Moreover, if you remember this fruit as a natural source of iron.

8. Helps maintain pancreatic health

The pancreas is one of the important organs in the body. This organ is closely related to diabetes. Therefore, optimal health of the pancreas is very important for diabetics. The reason is, the condition in diabetes sufferers is not able to produce normal insulin, which results in decreased function of pancreatic cells. Eating salak regularly can benefit the health of the pancreas, because the content in salak can help regenerate pancreatic cells.

 9. Strengthen memory

Salak contains minerals and active ingredients in the form of potassium and pectin. Both of these ingredients are useful for increasing blood flow to the brain, thereby increasing cognitive abilities and strengthening memory. Therefore, salak fruit is also often referred to as a memory fruit.

10. Increase stamina in the body

Salak fruit also contains enough carbohydrates or sugar levels. However, the type of sugar contained in salak is a good type of sugar. Therefore, the benefits of salak can help increase stamina in the body. The reason is, when consumed, the carbohydrate content of salak will be converted into glucose. Then glucose will turn into energy.

 Those are the ten benefits of snake fruit  for health. Behind the shape that tends to be different from most fruits, snake fruit is often underestimated by most people.


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