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The development of technology

Contoh Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Teknologi

The development of technology 


Once upon a time, Richard and Chad were playing together on a computer.
They are having fun playing a game together at the weekend, 30 minutes later
Their mom called them to go downstairs and have dinner together,
 and they said they would come down Stairs.

15 minutes later they haven’t come down yet, it is because they were having real fun playing together and they forgot that time to eat is already 15 minutes late. And they immediately come downstairs to have dinner together, Sadly their parents already finish the dinner.
Their dad told them to come to the living room and start some conversation.

Their dad says that technology is getting better now, when I was at your age there’s no internet when I want to know something I need to find it out with reading a book, doing experiments and others, at this era you guys can search it at the internet. As you know the internet can be 2 sides, which is the good side and the bad side.

The good side is when you use the internet for positive things such as telling meaningful stories, sharing your experience, studying subjects, and many more.
The bad side is when you use the internet for negative things such as telling hoax news,
Racism, mocking each other, online prostitution, and others.

 All of that will lead to good or bad behavior for all of you. If you use the internet for positive things, you can get the effect of a positive internet. But if you use the internet for negative things, you can get the effect of negative internet, even you can get jail.

Their dad just wants to warn them to use the internet rightly and positively.
As you know the Internet is growing better these days, you can search everything on the internet. And again, the internet has 2 sides, be careful with it!

Written by : Muhamad Fadel Kholilurahman

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