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The Development of Communication

 The Development of Communication

Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb.

My name is Vallian, I am from IDN Boarding School.

Today I will explain the Development of Communication Technology from before the existence of laptop devices or Smartphones in this time.

As we all know, technology over time will continue to evolve. In the era before the existence of telephone media, people used other media such as newspapers, magazines, and others. This development makes it easier for people to adapt to a new era.


There is a writer, futurist, and businessman in terms of technology. He's named Alvin Toffler. In the 80s, he wrote The Third Wave. What is meant by The Third Wave is, it divides the development of human civilization with its technology into three parts, namely the first wave called the agricultural phase, the second wave is called the industrial phase, and the last third wave is called the post-industrial phase.

Starting from the first wave that appeared in 8000-7000 years BC is the phase where there is a change in the way of human life by farming. By this time, humans had begun to know agriculture. That's when the human transition from collecting forest products to the agricultural era.

The communication process in this era is done by interpersonal or face-to-face communication. Of course, the communication at that time was still verbal and has not used the help of other media technology. This is in contrast to Everett M. Rogers's view in 1986 that by 22000 BC, prehistoric humans had been able to document every event, memorial, or record that existed in each person's residence at that time.

Furthermore in the second wave in 1700 BC until the 1960s was marked by the advent of the industrial revolution. In this era, humans who initially relied on animal and human power have been replaced with machines and life has been more advanced. Then, developed audiovisual media with the use of satellite transmitters that can reach the whole world easily.

The latter is the third wave that has occurred from the 1960s to the present day and will still continue. This history can be seen from a variety of points of view and produces different opinions. According to Alvin Toffler, as part of The Third Wave, its main focus only covers the era of print, electronic, and digital media.

The first era was the print era.

 The development of this era is the use of paper in its efforts to store writing. The initial printing process was made of clay. Then it is continued by printing inside soft wooden beams, only after that using ink or printing in paper.

 The first Print Media is a newspaper media that originated from the development of newspapers. The paper was first published in 1960 in North America.

The second print media is the magazine. With the continuous development of the internet, there have been many online magazines such as e-magazines, online magazines, webzines, ezines, or electronic magazines

The third print media is a book. And with the development of the internet as well, many books have been published in the form of E-books or online books

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The second era is the electronic era. 

This era is marked by the discovery of the telegraph discovered by Samuel Finley Breese Morse. After this telegraph, continued to appear other electronic media.

The first electronic media was the telephone invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876.

The second electronic media is a film followed by an Audio Recording.

The next medium is Radio. Radio development is so rapid from short wave or Amplitude Modulation (AM) to Frequency Modulation (FM) wave.

The next media is Television, Cable Television, live transmitter satellites and other Cable tv competitors, and home video.


The last era is the digital era. 

This era is a transition in the mode of sending messages using digital tools.

The first digital media is a computer that continues with the penetration and use of cable modems and digital subscriber lines (DSL) that are increasing.

The last media formed is the Internet that will still develop to this day and beyond.

This ends with a mix of media that have been updated and become a digital form that has been updated


Digital media is very important for human life now, especially during the corona pandemic, whether it is students, workers, or those who live at home who are in desperate need of technology to communicate with people. Therefore we must further develop technology for the future.


So many explanations from me, sorry if there is a mistake in the words or details that I have mentioned. Thanks for listening.

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.

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