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Preposition time and place


Preposition of Time and Place



A. Preposition of time

Preposition of time adalah preposisi ( kata depan ) yang di gunakan untuk menunjkan waktu



Ø  I have been looking for you since morning

Ø  They will come at a half past 12

Ø  Will, you come in time tomorrow?

Ø  Raka will arrive on January


Precise time

Month, Year, Century and Long Period

Day and Date

at 5 o'clock

in July

on Sunday

at 10.20am

in winter

on Thursdays

at noon

in the summer

on 7th March

at lunchtime

in 1990

on 25th Nov. 2010

at bedtime

in the 1910s

on Eid-Mubarok Day

at sunset

in the next century

on Independence Day

at sunrise

in the Ice Age

on my birthday

at the moment

in the past/future

on New Year's Eve



Look at these examples:

Ø  I have a meeting with Mr.Humam at 8am.

Ø  The shop opens at midnight.

Ø  Ibel went to IDN at lunchtime.

Ø  In England, it often snows in December.

Ø  Do you think we will go to Mars in the future?

Ø  There should be a lot of progress in the next century.

Ø  Do you work on sunday?

Ø  His birthday is on 21st November.

Ø  Where will you be on New Year's Day?



A. Preposition of place

Preposition of time adalah preposisi ( kata depan ) yang di gunakan untuk menunjkan tempat



Ø  They have bought a new watch in the market

Ø  The firefighter stands beside me

Ø  There is a luxury bike in front of my house?

Ø  Raka will arrive at the bus stop tomorrow


Berikut beberapa preposition of place yang biasa di gunakan



Ø  aboard (di atas (pesawat/kapal)

aboard ship ~ on the ship


Ø  above/over (benda di atas benda lain atau lebih tinggi darinya)

The fly flies above his head


Ø  against (menempel pada)

he stands against the wall


Ø  along (di sepanjang sesuatu yang panjang)

The dogs has walked along the river


Ø  among (di tengah-tengah atau dikelilingi oleh)

IDN location is located among many rice fields


Ø  around (di sekeliling pada semua sisi sesuatu/seseorang)

he wear my necklace around his neck


Ø  at (untuk menyatakan tempat atau posisi seseorang/sesuatu secara spesifik)

I’m at his home


Ø  away from (jauh dari)

Now he is away from home


Ø  behind (di belakang)

Behind the bookstore, there is a homeless man


Ø  beside (di samping)

I sit beside Andy


Ø  below (pada tingkat/posisi yang lebih rendah)

Fill this paragraph below


Ø  Beneath (di bawah, lebih rendah daripada)

The treasure is beneath the ground


Ø  Between (di antara dua atau lebih tempat, objek, atau orang)

The mouse is between Rian and Bobby


Ø  by (di dekat; di samping)

The security scouts by the front door


Ø  in (di dalam kontainer, tempat, atau are)

I used to save my drink in the fridge

Ø  inside (di Dalam)

Never look inside the box


Ø  in front of (di depan)

Don’t stand in front of me


Ø  in the middle of (di tengah)

Why are you in the middle of the street?


Ø  near (dekat dengan sesuatu)

I put my sandal near the office


Ø  next to (di sebelah)

Raka sits next to me


Ø  on (menyentuh permukaan sesuatu)

The adorable cat lay on the floor


Ø  outside (di luar)
outside Indonesia there are still many countries


Ø  over (di atas menutupi benda lain)

The chocolate is over ice cream


Ø  under (di bawah sesuatu)

The book is under the table


Ø  underneath (letak benda yang berada pada posisi di bawah benda lain, khususnya menjadi tersembunyi atau tertutupi)

I found a snake underneath the car




C. Soal latihan Preposition time and place



1. Don’t stand __________ the way. I can’t see!


a) on


b) in front of


c) above




2 Come and sit __________ me so that I can hear your words better.


a) beside


b) under


c) on




3 From the plane we could see many people in the fields __________ us.


a) beside


b) below


c) above




4 She’ll have to turn round to see it. It’s __________ you.


a) behind


b) in front of


c) over




5 The dead woman was lying __________ the ground.


a) behind


b) in front of


c) on




6 Careful you don’t scratch the chair! Better put a cloth __________ it.


a) above


b) beside


c) over




7 I put the basket  __________ the table


a) among


b) below


c) under




8 She looked up at the ceiling __________ her.


a) above


b) under


c) below




9 You can sit __________ that chair. Anybody is not sitting there.


a) in front of


b) on


c) above




10 The ambulance car came first. The patient was in the car __________ it.


a) behind


b) on


c) under



11. Her school cafeteria opens for lunch ________ noon.


12. What time does your daughter go to bed ________ night?


13. I moved to this city ________ 2012.


14. Are they going to do anything special ________ your birthday?


15. We are not going to watch that TV show. It starts ________ midnight!


16. She always gets up ________ seven o’clock in the morning.


17. My flight to London leaves ________ the second of July.


18. Ibel’s birthday is ________ February.


19. My grandmother was born ________ 1943.


20. Raka stayed up really late last night. he went to bed ________ midnight.


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