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Narrative text


Narrative text

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 The narrative text is a type of text in English to tell a story that has a chronological sequence of events that are interconnected. The purpose of this text is to entertain the reader about a story or story.

 Types of Narrative Text

Narrative text can be imaginary or factual. Here is an example of a genre from Narrative text:


  • ·         Fairy tale
  • ·         Mystery
  • ·         Science fiction
  • ·         Romance
  • ·         Horror
  • ·         Fable
  • ·         Myth and legend
  • ·         History
  • ·         Slice of life
  • ·         Personal experience
  • ·         Etc..


 Characteristics of Narrative Text 

  • ·         Using action verbs in the form of past tenses.
  • ·         Using a specific noun as a pronoun.
  • ·         Using the Adjective to form Noun Phrase.
  • ·         Use the Conjunction to sort events.


Narrative Text Structure

The structure of the narrative text focuses on a series of stages that are proposed to build a text on its own. In general, there are four stages in Narrative text

  • Orientation

Orientation or so-called introduction, contains about who, when, where a story is set.


  • ·         Complication

Complication tells the beginning of the problem that causes the peak of the problem or what is commonly known as the climax. This section usually involves the main character of the story.


  • ·         Resolution

This section is the end of the story or in the form of a solution to the problem that occurred. Problems can be solved can be for better or even worse which will make the story end happily or vice versa.

Sometimes, there are resolutions that are other problems to solve. It is deliberately created by the author to increase and maintain interest and tension for the readers. Usually, this type of resolution is found in the mysteries and horror genres.


  • ·         Re-orientation

The part is the closing of a story which is optional. Re-orientation can contain moral lessons, suggestions, or teachings from the author.

  • The example of Narrative text


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