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Dream your life

Impossible is just a word


At some point in their lives, everyone has dreamed of being someone special, someone big. Impossible is just a word. Who hasn't had daydreams about hitting the game-winning home run? Who hasn't longed for being the homecoming sovereign? And how often have we wished to be wealthy, successful, or content in our relationships?

We frequently have great goals and big dreams. Unfortunately, our goals remain merely goals. Additionally, our goals quickly become dust in our attic.

This is a miserable development in our life. We become entangled in the routine of day-to-day existence, barely surviving, rather than having fun adventures in self-actualization.

But what do you know? If only we could learn to set higher goals, life could be so much better.

The word "impossible" is the most common obstacle to goal setting. A great many people get hung up figuring I can't do this. It's impossible. It's impossible to do. This is impossible.

However, if everyone believed that, there would be no advancements in human achievement, innovations, or inventions.

Keep in mind that when scientists looked at the humble bumblebee, they were baffled. They asserted that the bumblebee could not fly in theory. The bumble bee is unfortunate in that no one has informed it of this. So it does fly.

On the other hand, there are some people who suffer from having completely absurd dreams but failing to act on them. The outcome? shattered goals and broken dreams.

You will never be able to get past what you think is impossible if you limit yourself with self-doubt and self-limiting assumptions. You will find yourself clinging to the impossible dream if you reach too far into the sky without working toward it.

Try this activity. Take a piece of paper and record a few objectives in your day-to-day existence. Write down things that "you know you can do," "you might be able to do," and "impossible for you to do" under one heading. Now look at all of the headings and try every day to accomplish the goals that are under "things you know you can do," and check them when you are able to accomplish them. You can move the goals that are listed under things that are "impossible for you to do" to the list of things that are "you might be able to do" as you slowly check off all of your goals under that heading. As soon as the things you wrote under "things I could do" are done, you can move the goals that are listed under "things that are impossible for you to do." As you iterate through this process, you will discover that the goals that you thought were impossible become easier to accomplish What's more, the unimaginable start to appear to be conceivable all things considered.

You have to understand that the strategy employed here is not intended to restrict your creativity. It is to set a high goal and begin working toward it gradually. However, it is also foolish to set a goal that is completely unattainable.

Those who simply dream of achieving a goal without putting in a lot of effort eventually fall short and become disillusioned.

On the other hand, if you were to tell someone 100 years ago that man could walk on the moon, they would laugh at you. In the event that you had let them know that you could send letters from here to the opposite side of the world in no time flat, they would agree that you were crazy. However, these once-impossible goals are now attainable thanks to sheer determination and desire.

According to a quote by Thomas Edison, genius is composed of 1% inspiration and 99% sweat. Nothing is more accurate. Work and discipline are required in order to realize one's goals. But keep in mind that 1% has to be a big dream that is hard to achieve.

Any gym rat will tell you that you won't make any progress unless you step outside of your comfort zone. Do you know the saying, "No gain, no pain?" That is absolutely correct.

Keep dreaming, buddy! Don't get caught up in what you think are your limitations. Dream big and put in a lot of effort to realize them. The seemingly impossible will gradually become a little bit more doable as you progress up the ladder of progress.

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