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adverbial phrases of time, place, and frequency

Let’s explore adverbial phrases of time, place, and frequency, along with their word order:

  1. Adverbial Phrases of Time:

    • These phrases describe when something happens or for how long.
    • They usually come at the beginning or end of a sentence or clause.
    • Examples:
      • “We have a meeting to attend tomorrow afternoon.”
      • “She has been working on the project since 1990s.”
      • “I exercise at the gym for two hours every day.”
  2. Adverbial Phrases of Place:

    • These phrases describe where something happens (location, direction, or distance).
    • They usually come after a verb or the object, if there is one.
    • Examples:
      • “A beautiful vase with flowers stands on the table.”
      • “The library is across the bridge.”
  3. Adverbial Phrases of Frequency:

    • These phrases describe how often something happens.
    • They usually come at the end (and sometimes at the beginning) of a sentence.
    • Examples:
      • “I like to go to the cinema at least once a week.”
      • “She practices the piano every day.”

Remember these patterns when using adverbial phrases in your sentences. Practice will help you master their word order! 📝👍

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