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Announcement Definition and Example

 In our daily life, we often find products from functional text such as Advertisement, Announcement, and others, there is a functional text that often used and found in our daily life that is Announcement. On this occasion, we will learn deeply about the Announcement. 



1 ) Definition of Announcement

 An announcement is a statement ( official notification ) in oral or written form that contains something for everyone to know. However, not everyone who heard or read the announcement had an interest in the announcement. We can hear or read announcements anywhere, for example, oral announcements at school or in public places, while written announcements can be read on bulletin boards, in magazines, and in newspapers.

2 ) Kind of Announcement

  • Public service announcements
  • High school graduation announcements
  • Job announcements
  • Promotion announcements
  • Marriage and wedding announcements
  • Etc

3 ) The purpose of the Announcement

The purpose of the announcement text is to notify information about an event, job vacancies, new student admissions, and so on by providing formal information to the general public or certain communities (To give formal written notice of certain events).

4 ) Generic Structure of Announcement

  •  Title: This is the most important part because it represents the whole content of the announcement. Even so, sometimes it is not clearly stated.
  • Explanation: This section usually consists of an explanation of the announcement. and tells about basic information such as participant, activity, place, time, and event.
  • Body of content 
-Title or event type (The title/type of event)
    -Date and time (date and time)
      -Place (place)
        -person / address that can be contacted (contact person / address)

        5 ) The Example of Announcement

        a ) To All member of Merpati Group

        Our Beloved Group will follow the “ English Competition 2019” on Sunday, June 17th, 2019. To prepare it, please all the members of the group gather at the garden hall on Wednesday, June 5th, 2019 at 8 a.m to start learning and discussing the strategy together. Please come on time.



        b ) Attention!

        SMP Smansa Football Club opens recruitment for new members. For all students who are interested in football can come to the 7 grade on Sunday and Friday at 5 pm to fill in a registration form and join our scheduled training.

        For more information, you can contact Joy at 0897890779

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