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the benefits of dragon fruit


This fruit comes from Mexico, Central America, and South America but is now cultivated in Asian countries such as Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia. This fruit can also be found in Okinawa, Israel, northern Australia, and South China.


Dragon fruit must be split until the flesh is visible when it is consumed. The texture of the fruit is often likened to kiwi fruit due to its black, crunchy seeds. The pulp tastes slightly sweet when eaten and has a low-calorie content. Dragon fruit seeds have a spicy taste and are rich in lipids and are eaten with the pulp, but the seeds must be chewed because they are difficult for the body to digest. Apart from being eaten directly, dragon fruit can also be processed into various forms of food and beverages such as soup, salad, chips, jelly, fruit juice [citation needed], pearl porridge, and so on.

Dragon fruit is a fruit that has many benefits to help overcome and help cure various diseases. Starting from dragon fruit stems, dragon fruit flesh, to dragon fruit skins also contain many very useful vitamins and substances. Doctors are also very helpful for red dragon fruit, as a consumption fruit that can be used for therapy in healing diseases

Here are some of the benefits of dragon fruit:

Dragon fruit helps cure cancer. Its vitamin complex content has been considered by doctors as a fruit of cancer healing therapy.

Beautify appearance, with high vitamin C content, red dragon fruit helps maintain healthy skin, even the fruit and skin can also be used as a body scrub.

Because the sweet taste of dragon fruit does not come from glucose, red dragon fruit can also help cure diabetes.

Maintain health and stamina, with antioxidants and vitamins.

Prevent osteoporosis or calcification of bones, because red dragon fruit contains lots of organic calcium.

contains vitamin B3 which functions to lower cholesterol levels and to cure coughs and asthma so that it can overcome high blood pressure 

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