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8 best moneymaker Applications 2021

The best Applications for making money in 2023

8 best moneymaker Applications 2021 do you want to get free money? do you know what applications can make money? See below for some applications that can generate direct money in 2021. If you have free time, it's a shame if you only play games, without earning any money

Now it's time to fill the time by playing some of the 8 moneymaker applications just your cellphone with enough quota, of course.

For this reason, learn the categories of each application that you just download after that, follow the guidelines in the application after that you will get some money and even dollars that can be sent to your account directly, of course, with a certain amount, each application has rules.

1. WhatsAround 


Free money from the hobby of the money-making application WhatsAround is a social media developed by, which is specially made for people who like photography, Traveling who often do outdoor activities.

On Google Playstore, whatsAround rating is 4.6 and has been downloaded by more than 500 thousand people. How to make money from WhatsArond

For those of you who want to make money from WhatsAround, follow the steps below

First of all, please download WhatsAround on the Google play store

Once downloaded, please open the application then click the login tab at the top bar for

Registration using a valid phone number After filling in the phone number, wait for the OTP code via SMS.

If the OTP code has been entered, please return to WhatsAround then enter the authentication code. After entering the OTP code, you will get an initial 10 coins.

Now do the first tasks given to get additional coins such as filling out your bio or profile, carrying out tasks, giving upvotes, and so on. When all the tasks have been completed, start posting photos and collect as many upvotes as possible.

Each activity carried out is rewarded with 1 coin. Gifts from WhatsAround On their platform there are several prizes that can be chosen by users who have reached the threshold for coin exchange, such as 1 Etherum [for now, 1 etherum is worth Rp. 1,900,000, - more] 0.5 etherum Starbucks card Amazon card And so on WhatsAround application permission In the Google play store, the whatsAround application permission is not dangerous.

So you don't need to be afraid of personal data leaking, such as a camera to take pictures and videos of Contacts to connect you with friends in contacts who also use WhatsAround *

Location [Functions to access approximate location [based on internet protocol [IP], network and GPS] * Microphone [For voice when you want to take a video * Smartphone [reads the identity and status of your smartphone * Storage [for storing photos that you will upload on your smartphone To get permission to use the camera flashlight, to connect a network, to use internet data, to use a Wifi connection and so on

Is WhatsAround a Scam From various reviews read on the Internet, this application is not a scam. In other words, this application really pays the publisher.

2. Clipclaps 


How to make money from ClipClaps who want to make money with ClipClaps,

Please follow the steps below:

First, download the ClipClaps application on the Google Play Store

After that, register as usual using Facebook or your email so you can enter the application and

Start watching videos and to be able to make money

For every video that is successfully watched, you will get a gift chest. If the gift chest is opened you will get coins or raffle tickets which will allow you to get various attractive prizes.

Besides that, you can also collect ClapCoins which can also be exchanged for dollars. 1000 ClapCoins equivalent to the US $ 0.01.

The latest version of ClipClaps allows users to get a PayPal balance of up to $ 3.00 just by playing Mega Spin and Lucky Spin.

To participate in the game above, you must follow the steps below, such as:

If you have downloaded clipclaps and have entered the redeem code 

please return to this post and copy the game code

After copying, please return to ClipClaps>

Now open Rewards and an automatic notification will automatically appear, just click Help him/her

After that, you will get a ticket to play the mega spin

which allows you to earn up to $ 3.00 for free and easy

This game also applies to new users and old users.

If you are an old user, you can just follow the steps above.

Besides the method above, you can also upload videos to get Clapcoins which can be converted into cash balances.

To upload a video on ClipClaps, here are the steps:

Open ClipClaps first. After opening,

the next step is to click Me or Profile

Next, click My Upload, a money-making application

Then click Upload Videos from Gallery

Before running, ClipClaps will review it first

In order to quickly review it, you should upload a funny video with a duration of no more than 1.5 minutes. Shorter is also possible, the most important is the duration is more than 5 seconds.

Gifts from ClipClpas There are a variety of prizes available on ClipClaps, such as $ 10 Amazon Card RAFFLE 500k ClapCoins $ 1 Rewards Raffle $ 10 rewards $ 10 Cash ClapCoins

Is ClipClaps a Scam?

To see, please redeem the balance from ClipClaps worth $ 0.10 to my PayPal account. ClipClaps is proven to pay its users. the $ 0.10 money-making application is the initial redemption amount. After that, the amount will be forfeited and replaced with other amounts ranging from $ 3 [once valid], $ 10 to $ 50.

3. EarnMoney 


EarnMoney a money-making application This application developed by earn money online This app is one of the newest money-making applications and was recently released on the Play Store.

There are several advantages of this application, namely ease of use, payment proof available in the application, and no need to invite friends to pay.

The tasks are simple, where the user only needs to be absent every day, watch videos [ad] or join the Hot Offer Wall booth.

Each of these tasks allows the user to earn points which can be equaled to the Paypal balance.

Thus, if you are looking for a Paypal balance generating application or want to know how to get a free PayPal balance, you can use this one application.

How to make money from Earn Money Online 2021 Make Money For those of you who want to make money with Earn Money Online 2021, follow the steps below;

You must first download Earn Money Online on Google Play

After that, please register using your active Gmail account (it's good to prepare separate Gmail from your banking email!)

Don't forget to enter the family invitation code to get free coins up to 2500 [which can be immediately exchanged for Paypal or Paytm balances]

If so, please do the existing tasks according to the application guide.

As mentioned above, user tasks are quite straightforward which only need to be performed;

Attendance rewards Check-in daily to get 10 coins

Watch videos to get credits per view

Fantastic offer wall to get unlimited credit

Awesome offer wall to earn unlimited credits

Hot offer wall to get unlimited credit

Watch the video to get the credit per view just like the second point above. Prizes from Earn Money Online 2020 Make Money There are no other prizes offered by developers other than PayPal and Paytm balances. In order to get a PayPal balance, your minimum points have been collected 2,500

The coin is equal to or equivalent to the US $ 5. Apart from using Paypal, you can also exchange coins with Paytm balances with the same value and equivalent to Rs. 350.

So what are you waiting for, please register for this application because it has just been launched. There are still a few users so that the opportunity to earn an income is wide open.



So, if you are the newest fund producer, Buzzbreak is the answer. Just like other applications that I discuss here,

Buzzbreak also includes a promising money-producing apk

On Google Play, Buzzbreak has been downloaded by more than 1 million people with a rating of 3+ and has been reviewed by more than 42 thousand people.

How to make money from Buzzbreak If you want to make money from Buzzbreak, follow the steps next.

And every time you read the news, you will get 100 coins. The more news you read, the more coins you get.

You also have the opportunity to participate in various other attractive prizes, such as cash up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. To get a bigger income, you can invite friends to join Buzzbreak.

If a friend is successfully invited, you will get 30k worth of coins including the friends you invite.

Also how to withdraw coins with an easy bank (complete)

Now a dollar-producing application that is suitable for those of you who want to make money from karaoke. In other words, you can use this application to sing. Apart from singing, this application also allows you to record sounds or videos with additional interesting effects. What's cool about WesingApp is the many song directories.

They say up to a million and only available in one application. As a user, you can get money easily from this application because the tasks are quite simple.

5. Wesing


How to make money from WesingApp For those of you who want to make money from the WesingApp karaoke application, here are the steps:

First, download the Wesing Application, the next step is to register an account using Facebook or a phone number. You can also choose another registration method using Gmail. If so, the next step is to click the karaoke symbol then select the wallet image at the top left of the screen as shown in the image below, and just click there so you can get a new Wessing cash bonus.

Money-making applications For those of you who want to get an additional balance, please scroll down until you find the words Enter the friend's referral code then click Enter and fill in. Once filled, you will get a Coupon of up to +100. This coupon can also be exchanged for cash.

It's good to enter the code above before 24 hours so you can get the bonus money-making applications can also get additional income by completing various tasks in the application such as recording songs or actively using the application for 7 consecutive days.

If you want more, you can join the singing contest held by WesingApp. Not bad, the prizes can be up to millions of rupiah. Prizes from the wesingApp Wesing app offers two types of prizes which are

user-selectable starting from PayPal balance and credit.

For PayPal balances, here are the details:

With 100K-Coin the equivalent of $ 1.99

150K-Coin is equivalent to $ 2.99

510K-Coin the equivalent of $ 9.99

Meanwhile, the credit exchange is only 100k-500K.

 Is WesingApp a Scam or is it proven to pay? Just prove it

 6. Cashzine


Cashzine is a news application designed for both Android and iOS mobile users to get the latest news, completely given tasks, and earn cash.

There are several news categories offered by Cashzine ranging from headlines, local, entertainment, welfare, social issues, and multi-category news which are presented up to date every day.

Interestingly, Cashzine has a smart news feature, or smart Cashzine, which is personalized news based on interest.

How to get money from Cashzine For those of you who want to make money from Cashzine, please follow the steps below:

First download Cashzine on the Google play store, the next step is to open the application and click Profile to register.

You can use an active email for registration, then start reading the news to make money. Every activity is done in Cashzine such as reading news, completing tasks, or inviting friends will earn coins. If collected, these coins can be exchanged for rupiah currency which can be transferred directly to your account

Cashzine prizes The only prizes supported by Cashzine are money. For 5000 coins in Cashine the equivalent of 1000 rupiah. Application permission There are several permissions required by Cashzine to run optimally, including:

 Camera to take pictures and Phone Videos to read the identity and status of the phone Storage to change or delete the contents of USB storage and to read your saved contents Other permissions such as to get full network access, prevent the phone from being inactive, retrieve running applications, receive data from the internet and so on.



WeViral is the next money-making application developed by the same developer as Cashzine, only different in name. In terms of appearance, it is the same. Even though it provides news feeds, Weviral is actually designed as an application to find friends like Tantan and Tin Tin.

This can be seen from the Chat feature which is ChitChat which allows users to communicate with other users. Besides that, the average news presented by WeViral is multi-platform news. And want to find a free Dollar-producing application, you can use this one application.

To get money from WeViral who want to make money from Weviral, please follow the steps below:

Download WeViral on the Google Play Store. If so, please install it on your Android phone as usual. Once installed, please open the Weviral application then click the Profile menu> register using an active Facebook account. By getting a gift from WeViral you have to collect coins. These coins can be exchanged for money. Currently, WeViral's prizes are in the form of money which can be transferred directly to your account. Namely; The exchange rate of coins on WeViral is 100k which is equivalent to $ 1. And the only prize WeViral supports is money. Weviral only asks permission for Camera, Location, Storage, and Phone.

Meanwhile, there are default permissions for this application, including:

Camera to take pictures and videos from your cellphone Cellphone [to read your phone's identity and status] Storage [to read or view your storage] Others [to send beautiful broadcasts, control vibration, prevent the phone from being active, disconnect or connect WIFI-play install referrer API, receive data from the Internet and so on]



VeeU is a money-making application on Android that is similar to YouTube. On Veeu, users can upload videos, complete daily tasks, or follow other Veeu accounts. It's just that, many users often upload videos with 18+ nuances, even though it's not entirely considered that way.

How to get money from VeeU For those of you who want to make money from VeeU, please follow the steps below:

 First, download the VeeU application on the Pure Apk or just click this link. After downloading, please install it on your cellphone and register, as usual, using a Gmail account or an active Facebook account. If so, you will get the first coin of 30 coins. To get money from this application there are several ways, among others: Activating the lock screen to get 200 coins [these points are accumulated from activities on the lock screen such as watching videos. Every video that you watch will get 10 coins or the maximum video watched is 20 per day] Uploading a video will get 30 coins. You can upload videos with a short or long duration.

No more than 1 minute is recommended. First pick of the day to get 30 coins Follow the daily challenge for 7 days to get cash balance, iPad and Gold bar Watch videos. Every video that is successfully watched will get 6 coins. Play a lucky spin 5 times to get 40 coins. Invite friends to get 2000 coins per person. Comment on other people's videos that have been uploaded to the application.

Every comment costs 20 coins. Activate push notifications to get 100 coins. There are several VeeU permissions that I think need policies from users. Starting from the permission to use the usual email data as well as requests to access Google Drive. Maybe it is for this reason that VeeU is not in Google playstore.

Therefore, you should pay attention to the application permissions. If you think it's dangerous, you don't need to install it. If not, go ahead.

 Gifts from VeeU Most of the gifts from VeeU are in the form of money. This money will be transferred directly to your PayPal account. The VeeU exchange rate is 150,000 coins which are equivalent to $ 15.

 Meanwhile, the highest value for exchanging coins is 300,000, or the equivalent of $ 30.

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