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The Impact of Counterfeit Vaccines

 Recently, parents may feel anxious and anxious when they want to bring their little one to participate in immunizations. The reason is that currently there are rumors about fake vaccines. These findings inevitably decrease parental interest in immunization.

In fact, giving vaccines (vaccination), especially in children, is highly recommended and can even be said to be mandatory, you know. Vaccination aims to provide immunity to children against virus attacks that cause disease. The vaccine that is given contains a virus that causes certain diseases that have been weakened. So that the virus will no longer be able to cause infection in people who have the virus. Therefore, it would be better if the vaccination is given as early as possible.

The Impact of Counterfeit Vaccines for Children


Vaccines definitely contain "viruses" that will fight other viruses in the body. In other words, vaccines can make a person's immune system better. However, if the vaccine is given does not contain enough "virus" to increase endurance. Of course, this will have a negative impact on health.

However, it is necessary to know that giving fake vaccines depends on what content is in the adulterated liquid. If the vaccine contains substances that are harmful, it is possible that fake vaccines will also have a negative impact on children.

1, the body is not immune

The most likely impact of fake vaccines on children is that children are not immune to certain types of diseases. For example, a child is vaccinated against influenza, if a fake vaccine is given the effect is that the body will not have any resistance to preventing influenza virus infection. If this happens, it is necessary to reconsider giving back vaccines to children.

2, the risk of infection in children

Apart from having no immunity at all, fake vaccines can also cause children to experience infections. This may occur because it could be that fake vaccines are made with an unsterile process and do not have the actual standard vaccine procedures.

Making vaccines that are not sterile can cause the buildup of germs and bacteria in the resulting fluid. And if a liquid like this gets injected into the human body, it can lead to infection.

Basically, it is difficult to tell which vaccine is a genuine or fake vaccine. However, if the mother finds symptoms of infection, the worst possibility is that the vaccine given to the child may not be the correct vaccine.

Symptoms of Infection Due to Fake Vaccines

There are several recognizable symptoms of infection including high fever, irregular heartbeat and tend to be faster, shortness of breath, and decreased appetite. Infection may also make your child complain sicker or more irritable.

However, if the fever that occurs is not accompanied by other symptoms, the mother doesn't need to worry too much. Especially if there are no symptoms of decreased appetite. It should be noted that fever is a normal symptom of several vaccines.

So, parents should be wiser in deciding the child's needs for immunization. By immunizing, parents can prevent children from getting serious diseases that may be dangerous. There are several types of diseases that can be prevented by immunization, such as polio, measles, diphtheria, tuberculosis, and hepatitis B. Remember, before immunization, find out in more detail about the vaccines given to your little one. There is nothing wrong with asking the doctor about the type of vaccine to the brand used. This is done so that parents are more aware of the possibility of fake vaccines given to children during immunization

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