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How to attract a woman's attention

8 ways to attract a woman's attention

 Do you have feelings for a woman, but you are never noticed or even considered to be with her? Or want to attract women's attention after years of being single but confused about how to do it? It's time for you to learn how to attract women's attention!


How to attract a woman's attention is not that difficult, you know, as long as you try to be a better person. There are several ways to attract a woman's attention that you can do so that you can get the attention of her that you have had a crush on for a long time or the women around you. Curious? Here are 8 ways to attract women's attention

1. Take care of your appearance

 The first thing a woman pays attention to about you is how you look - from your hairstyle, face, clothes you choose, to how you smell. Well, maybe you can't control things that are innate-like the shape of your face. But, you can develop what you have and attract attention.

 Cut your hair with a hairstyle that suits you, choose clothes that suit your body shape and the image you want to show. Don't forget to exercise and eat healthy foods so you look healthier and more fit. Anyway, take care of your own appearance because this is a way to attract women's attention without needing to talk at all. Looking good can also make you more confident, so just consider this an investment in yourself.


2. Appreciate her as a woman

Did you know that women hate men who don't value them as women? According to a theory from Robert Trivers - a gender studies scientist in the United States - throughout human evolution, women tended to be more attracted to men who did little things to reward them such as opening doors or carrying heavy things.

This is because they consider caring behavior and respect for women like that shows this man will continue to support them at any time, including when they have given birth to children.

So, if you want to attract the attention of girls, show that you respect them. Not only with gentleman behavior such as lending a jacket to her, listen to her when she tells the story and supports her to excel and don't use words that insult her. Respect her and you will also be appreciated, even considered attractive.


3. Broaden your horizons

Who doesn't get bored with people who can only talk about one thing or ask the same thing? If you want to attract women's attention, make sure you have extensive insight or knowledge on various topics of conversation. This doesn't mean you have to have high marks in your diploma, you know, but at least you should know the latest news and trending topics.

How do you make it look smart? Read more books, watch more films or videos, try new experiences, eat at trending places, and listen to more songs. Maybe you should put in a little extra effort for this, but it's a way of attracting a woman's attention that can make her curious to talk to you longer.


4. Confident

According to, women are more attracted to men who are confident and to the point. This is because confident men usually have clear goals and will strive to achieve those goals, so he is also sure that his intentions are serious. In addition, confident men also tend to be more successful and make women believe that their survival will be guaranteed if he goes out with or marries her.

So, don't be afraid to talk about your life goals or what you've been doing - in work or hobbies. But be careful too, don't be too confident and even look arrogant because when you look arrogant, you just won't be attractive anymore


5. Get used to be polite to everyone around you

Being a confident person doesn't mean you don't have manners, you know, and the respect you show should not only be limited to her, but also to the people around you.

A study in China also shows that women in Asia tend to be more attracted to men who are polite and have an unattractive appearance than men who look cool but are not polite.

So, make it a habit to be polite to the people you meet, especially when you're with her. Say "thank you" and "excuse me", including waiters, parking attendants, and cleaners. A woman judges how you will treat her from the way you treat the people around you too. So, make sure you stay polite to anyone

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6. Talk to her

In addition to discussing exciting topics, women are also usually more interested in men who can talk about their life experiences and even confide in them. When you can open up to her, you make her understand, you better and feel emotionally close to you. Afraid that if you confided in her you wouldn't look manly in his eyes anymore? In fact, men who dare to confide in their feelings and experiences are more attractive to women because they make them look stable so they are suitable to be partners.

So, don't be afraid to confide in and show that you're not perfect because you can actually get closer to him and this is one way to attract a woman's attention that makes him even more interested in you.


7. Pay attention to the little things about her

You don't need to stalk all of her social media accounts to know the little things about her. Just pay attention to the little things she usually does and respond accordingly. For example, you see that she is interested in baby's breath flowers, occasionally buy flowers for her.

Pay attention to these little things including their expression in response to you. This woman's expression can show whether she is interested in you or not. According to The Independent, there are some special expressions that show a woman is attracted to you.

  • Smile
  • Raise her eyebrows and widen her eyes when she look at you
  • Cover her face with her hands while laughing

Well, if she shows you this expression, chances are she is really interested in you. But, also make sure you understand the hints that she's not interested too and back off regularly.

Usually, women who are not interested in you will fold their arms, smile forced, return short words, or turn their bodies in another direction


8. Be honest with yourself

The last, but also the most important: Be honest and be yourself. Don't try to be someone you really want. don't because later she will be attracted by your fake version. Just be yourself - with your opinions and hobbies, a look that looks cool but you really are, and you don't have to pretend you can skateboard if you can't or are interested in her favorite band just to get her interested. If she's really interested in this version of you as you are, she must be really interested in you.


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