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Short Inspirational Story

 Short Inspirational Story

In working and studying, having high morale is important. Without enthusiasm, work, or study will feel like a burden. If you start to lose your spirits, it might be a good idea to take a break and find some entertainment. Some examples of short inspirational stories in this article may be entertaining and give an injection of encouragement. Happy reading!

Have you ever felt so sick of going to school or work for no apparent reason? Work and studies only make you sick and want to go home soon? If this happens, it is a sign that you are feeling bored. To get rid of boredom and give you new motivation, try to look at some examples of these short inspirational stories.

Feeling bored and discouraged is a human thing and probably everyone experiences it. But being continually lethargic and lackluster will only make your situation even worse. Because, work and school burdens do not disappear, you only cultivate stress in yourself.

For that, it's good to recharge your enthusiasm. There are several fun ways, you can take a walk, vacation, or watch a biopic about successful people. If you don't have time, find something to do at home, for example by reading a book, a motivational article, or a short inspirational story.

In this article, we have a few examples of short inspirational stories that might give you a kick. Hopefully, after reading it you can learn something and get excited about completing your assignments. Happy reading!

Short Story of Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan

Since childhood, Jordan had an interest in sports. One of his favorite sports is basketball.

 When he was just in high school, Jordan was rejected when he wanted to participate in the selection for his school basketball team. The main reason at that time was because he was too short. In addition, he is also considered to be less proficient in the game.

 Jordan was very sad to hear this, but he didn't give up. He continues to practice vigorously every day at home. Not only his technique, but he also trains his physique very hard and is disciplined. Two years later, he returned to participate in the school team selection and was accepted.

 Even though he was accepted into the team, he was not immediately satisfied and lazy. He continues to practice diligently, even he often comes home late due to additional practice.

At the 1981 high school competition Jordan proved his hard work. In his first game, he scored 40 points. He also had impressive statistics, averaged 25 points per game, and won the high school competition that same year.

 Since then, his basketball career has continued to climb. He joined the University of North Carolina team and won several competitions in 1983 and 1984. Then he got a contract and joined the Chicago Bulls team in 1984.

 Jordan's career in the world of NBA professional basketball has been brilliant. He led his team to become champions six times, became MVP five times throughout the season, and entered into the NBA All-Stars fourteen times.

 He retired in 2003 and is listed as the player who has scored the second-most points in a season. Now Jordan is the owner of the NBA club, a businessman, and one of the basketball legends of all time.

An example of a short inspirational story based on Michael Jordan's real-life story teaches about the never-giving up nature. For Jordan, mistakes and defeats are not a problem, not daring to try is a real failure.

In an interview, Jordan once said, “I have missed more than 9000 scoring opportunities and lost more than 300 games throughout my career. I was entrusted with making championship decisions and failed 26 times. I have failed and failed, many times in my life, that's why now I am successful. "

A bowl of ice cream

ice cream


One afternoon when the weather was very hot, a small child walked into the ice cream shop. The boy looked at the available ice cream and asked the shopkeeper, "Sir, how much is a bowl of ice cream sundae?"

The shopkeeper replied, 'For a bowl of ice cream sundae it costs 50 cents.'

The little boy then reached into his pocket and counted the money. The shopkeeper was getting impatient.

"Sir, how much is a regular bowl of vanilla ice cream?" Asked the boy.

'35 cents, 'replied the shopkeeper curtly.

"Okay, I'll have a bowl of plain vanilla ice cream" asked the little boy.

The little boy then sat down at the table, a few moments later came the usual vanilla ice cream with the bill. The boy finished his ice cream, paid the bill at the cashier, then left.

While tidying up the little boy's table, the shopkeeper found a 15 cent coin that the little boy had left as a tip. He also felt guilty for being rude to the child.


This example of a short inspirational story tells of a person who is overly quick to judge others. The shopkeeper was too quick to judge that the little boy couldn't afford an ice cream sundae, when in fact the child could. Instead, he did well by tipping.

This story is worthy of your reflection in life. Remember, don't be quick to jump to conclusions just because of the bad outward appearance.

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