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The Prediction of 2021 by Abhigya Anand

The Prediction of 2021, what will occur in this year? 

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The end of 2020 will end soon, the world will welcome the new year 2021.

Tragedy after tragedy has occurred in 2020, natural disasters, change of leadership, and human tragedy seem to color the timeline in a year that will change soon

The biggest tragedy in 2020 is the Covid-19 pandemic, this tragedy affects all sectors in the world.

Previously, this tragedy had already been predicted by the youngest astrologer in the world. This precise prediction was revealed by Abhigya Anand. 

Became popular because the prediction regarding the Covid-19 pandemic was correct.

Abhigya Anand.

At the end of July this year, Anand uploaded a video predicting that humanity will face great calamity and then disappear for several months.

On November 7, he suddenly returned and made predictions regarding the astronomical situation and the situation in the coming year, and provided a way to deal with it.

He said that in the month after June 2020, the pandemic and the World economy had shown improvement.

However, he continued that from November 20 to November 28, 2020, humanity would be affected by Kosha.

On November 28, Jupiter will enter Capricorn again and join Saturn, where this is a sign that the catastrophe will begin again, that is, the whole world will experience another crisis at the end of November.

This disaster is interpreted if the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic will increase.

Between December 19 and December 28, Saturn and Jupiter will meet, the lights of the two planets in the sky get entangled and touch each other, and this affects the earth.

There may be wars, plagues, epidemics, economic collapse, and public fear that the media, government, and some large institutions will intentionally or unintentionally increase this fear.

economy collapse

Anand said that before February 2021, the catastrophe caused by the confluence of several planets would slowly unfold.

Where the world will enter a new starting point and the calamities caused by these celestial events will gradually disappear.

He then suggested seven methods for solving the crisis, namely belief in God, increasing immunity, unifying and spreading positive emotions, financial and investment management, gardening, paying attention to mental health, and being one with nature.

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